All About Kia Forte ECO Mode

Kia Forte’s ECO mode allows for savings at the pump by increasing fuel efficiency and allowing you to drive in an eco-friendly manner.
Written by Andrew Hobson
Reviewed by Georgina Grant
Kia’s Active Eco System helps to increase your Forte’s fuel economy. With the simple touch of a button, you can both drive “green” and save money on gas. 
As part of their Drive Mode Select (DMS) system, all Kia vehicles allow you to select a driving mode that proactively controls your Kia’s engine, transmission, and air conditioning system to adhere to your desired style of driving. One of these six modes is the Active Eco System or Eco mode
Selecting the Active Eco button in your Forte puts Eco mode into effect—throttling your engine, transmission, and acceleration in the service of boosting your Forte’s fuel economy and helping you squeeze every mile possible from your gas tank.  
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What is Kia’s Active Eco System?

Kia’s Active Eco System—or ECO mode as it is commonly known— is a feature on the Kia Forte, and all other vehicles on the Kia lineup, that helps increase fuel economy. 
Once turned on, Eco mode actively engages with your Kia—lowering idle speed, decreasing RPM levels for transmission shift points and even reducing air conditioning flow—to maximize your MPG for both highway and city traveling. In some models, like Kia’s Telluride, the engine shuts off completely when the vehicle comes to a full stop.
Basically, Eco mode restricts the power of your Kia and in turn forces you to drive economically. When Eco mode is turned on you may notice the following: 
  • The vehicle’s responsiveness to accelerate is decreased if you gently press down on the accelerator pedal. 
  • The automatic transmission shift pattern changes. 
  • Air conditioning may seem suppressed in its efficiency. 
Depending on how you drive your Forte, you may or may not notice when ECO mode is activated. If you are someone who enjoys maximizing their Forte’s turbocharged, four-cylinder engine, then you will notice a reduction in power, performance, and responsiveness. 
Key Takeaway Kia’s Active Eco system actively impedes your Kia’s settings ensuring a fuel-efficient driving style. 

Does Kia’s Active Eco System save fuel?

Across Kia’s lineup of vehicles, the Eco mode slashes fuel consumption and increases fuel efficiency in both highway and city driving scenarios. 

When should I drive with the Eco mode on in my Kia Forte?

If you are driving somewhere in a hurry and need the responsiveness and sporty handling the Kia Forte offers then you are better off not engaging the Eco mode. For road trips or other leisurely drives where time is not of the essence, it makes smart financial sense to use Eco mode to increase your Forte’s mileage. 
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icon4.7/5 app rating | Trusted by 5M+ drivers

How to turn Kia’s Active Eco System on and off

To turn Kia’s Active Eco system on in your Forte, simply look to the left of your steering wheel and find the Active Eco button. Press the button once. The word Eco will appear on the instrument panel, which means that your Forte’s throttle and transmission have been remapped. Eco mode is on! 
To turn off Eco mode, simply press the button again and make sure, in the instrument panel, that the word Eco flashes off. 
In other Kia models—Eco mode can be engaged by turning the drive mode knob by the shifter in the center console to Eco mode. If the Kia is set to Eco mode when the engine is turned off, it will revert back to Normal mode when the Kia is restarted using the Drive mode setting. 

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