Seat-Belt Laws in North Dakota

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North Dakota seat-belt laws require the driver and all passengers to wear a seat-belt correctly. Failure to do so will result in a fine.
The driver of the vehicle is responsible for any passengers who might be in violation of the law. Wearing a seat-belt incorrectly is also considered a violation.
Breaking North Dakota seat-belt laws could lead to fines, legal trouble, and even increased car insurance premiums. Thankfully, the car insurance and broker app Jerry has you covered and has put together this quick guide to North Dakota’s seat-belt laws.
Keep reading to learn more about seat-belt laws in North Dakota.
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What are the seat-belt laws in North Dakota?

North Dakota seat-belt laws state that the driver and everyone else in the car should be strapped in properly while the vehicle is in motion.
This means seat-belts must be worn over the lap and shoulder and tightened adequately. Wearing a seat-belt improperly, with the shoulder strap under the arm, for example, is considered breaking the law.
Children under the age of eight are required to be fastened properly in a car seat or booster seat.
There are some exemptions to this law, including those with doctor’s notes acknowledging medical conditions, mail drivers, and tractor drivers.
Seat-belt law violations are considered a secondary offense for those over the age of 18, meaning that drivers have to be pulled over for a different violation in order to be cited.
But, for those under the age of 18, seat-belt violations are a primary offense.
Either way, it is the driver’s job to make sure everyone is buckled in properly!
Key Takeaway North Dakota seat-belt laws require everyone to buckle up.
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What happens if you break the seat-belt laws in North Dakota?

In North Dakota, breaking a seat-belt law will incur a $25 fine for anyone under the age of 18 and $20 for adults over the age of 18.
If anyone over the age of 18 isn’t wearing a seat-belt, no demerit points will be added to your license. However, if any minors are improperly fastened into a child safety seat or booster seat, you will accrue one demerit point.
Either way, remember that fastening everyone up properly saves lives!
Key Takeaway If you’re over the age of 18, committing a seat-belt violation can lead to a $20 fine.

Could it impact my driving record?

It depends. If you don’t wear a seat-belt while driving, you won’t incur any license points—although it will be noted on your record.
If you fail to safely fasten in a child, then your driving record will be impacted.
Either way, minor infractions can add up, and a seat-belt violation won’t simply disappear from your driving record. Driving citations on your record make law enforcement and insurance companies wary, so it’s best to follow the law.

Could it impact my insurance?

A seat-belt violation alone won’t have much of an impact on your insurance. As long as a minor isn’t involved, you won’t pick up any demerit points.
But, you still need to be careful. Insurance companies are wary about violations, no matter how small. And if those start to add up, you can expect a premium hike when it’s time for your policy to be renewed.
You should also pay off your fines quickly, as poor credit can make insurance companies raise your premiums in some states.

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