Does National General Have a Grace Period for Missed Payments?

National General gives customers a grace period of 10 days before a missed payment leads to a canceled policy.
Written by Maria Cruz
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If you missed your
National General
payment, you typically have a grace period of 10 days to make the payment before you’re charged a penalty and the company can cancel your
car insurance

Does National General have a grace period for late payments? 

National General has a 10-day grace period for late payments on auto insurance policies. If you’ve missed your payment, you’ll receive a notice of cancellation that provides the final date you can make a payment before your policy will be canceled.
Your insurer can’t cancel your policy without notifying you
Even if you can’t make your payment, National General must notify you of the upcoming cancellation before terminating your policy. This is a legal requirement for every car insurance company.

Does National General accept late payments? 

Yes, National General accepts late payments within the allotted grace period of 10 days beyond your initial due date. Typically, you can expect to be charged a late fee of $10 to $15 on top of the required payment amount.

What if I get into an accident with a missed payment? 

If you’re within your grace period, you still have an active insurance policy. If you get into an accident during this period, you can submit a claim to National General and it will be covered. 
If you don’t make a payment within the grace period, your existing policy will be canceled and National General will not cover any claims resulting from an accident. Furthermore, you’ll be in a
lapse of coverage
. Since
driving without insurance
is illegal in nearly every state, you can expect to see hefty fines in the event of an accident—especially if you’re found at fault.

What to do if you missed your National General payment

If you missed your premium payment and need to provide one within the National General insurance grace period, you have a few options:
  • Online: National General offers a
    Quick Pay
    option. Enter your policy number and last name to pull up your details and make a payment.
  • National General app: If you have
    the mobile app
    downloaded on your phone, you can make a payment directly through it.
  • Phone: Call 1 (833) 415-9958 to speak with a National General representative.
  • In person: Visit a
    National General broker office
    and speak with a local insurance agent. 
app screenshot
You can avoid the headache of a late payment by setting up autopay with National General or activating payment reminders, if you’re a Jerry user.
You’ll get a notification three days before your payment is due. 

What if I’m already enrolled in autopay? 

If you missed a payment due to changes in your address or insufficient funds in your account, log in to your account and update your personal and billing information. You will still need to make your late payment but future scheduled payments should go through. 

What to do if National General cancels your policy

If you miss your car insurance grace period and National General cancels your insurance policy for non-payment, you should immediately call the company at 1-800-325-1190 and ask to reinstate it. If you make a payment, you may be able to get your insurance back. But reinstatement isn’t guaranteed and you might face higher rates.
If your policy can’t be reinstated, you won’t have any insurance coverage and will be in a car insurance lapse. When you purchase a new policy, you should expect to see your insurance rates increase anywhere from 8% to 69%.
Bear in mind that pricier premiums aren’t the only consequence of an insurance lapse. You could also face:
  • Fines
  • Driver’s license suspension
  • Vehicle repossession if your car is leased or financed
If your policy is canceled, shop for
same-day car insurance
and don’t drive your vehicle until you have a new policy in place. The best way to find affordable rates after a lapse in coverage is to
compare insurance quotes
at least 3-5 providers. 
app screenshot
If your policy is canceled, shop for
same-day car insurance
and don’t drive your vehicle until you have a new policy in place. The best way to find affordable rates after a lapse in coverage is to
compare insurance quotes
at least 3-5 providers. 
If you’re shopping with Jerry, you’ll get a curated list of the cheap car insurance from among 55+ insurers. You can adjust your coverage levels and deductibles, request your final quote, and finalize your policy—often in under an hour.

What to do if you’re having trouble making payments 

If you need an extension on an insurance payment, call National General and explain your situation. The company will likely offer a one-time payment extension.
But if this is an ongoing issue and your insurance premium is no longer affordable for you, your best bet is to shop around for a better rate. Jerry can help you compare quotes from multiple insurance companies quickly and without any hassle, plus Jerry will reshop regularly to ensure you’re never overpaying for coverage.
“Needed a policy because my old one got canceled . They found me a policy and it was cheaper than what I was paying!” —Elaine M.


Does National General Insurance have a late fee?

If you make a payment within the 10-day grace period, you might be charged a late fee of $10 to $15.

What is the grace period for car insurance?

Most insurance companies provide a payment grace period of anywhere from 7 to 30 days. If you don’t make your missed payment during this time frame, your coverage will be canceled.

What is the grace period provision?

A grace period is the amount of time an insurance company allows for you to make a late payment. You will receive a cancellation notice that specifies the last day of the grace period—and if you don’t make a payment before this date, your insurer will cancel your policy.

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