Is Catalytic Converter Theft Covered by GEICO?

As long as your policy includes comprehensive coverage, GEICO will take care of the costs associated with a stolen catalytic converter.
Written by Amber Reed
Reviewed by Amy Bobinger
As long as your
car insurance
policy includes comprehensive coverage, GEICO will cover the cost of a replacement catalytic converter, plus any damages that occurred as a result of the theft.
If you’re unlucky enough to find yourself the victim of
catalytic converter theft
, the first thing you should do is contact law enforcement and file a police report—but after that, it’s time to call your insurance provider and file a claim. Like most car insurance companies, GEICO includes catalytic converter theft under their comprehensive coverage, but not every provider handles stolen catalytic converter claims the same way.
Whether you’re considering a new auto insurance policy, you’re an existing GEICO customer, or you’re just looking for ways to reduce the financial burdens of vehicle vandalism, check out this useful guide on how GEICO covers catalytic converter theft.

Does GEICO car insurance cover catalytic converter theft?

Yes! GEICO offers their policyholders reimbursement for the cost of a new catalytic converter, in addition to other car repair bills for damage that was caused by the theft. But in order to benefit from this useful insurance perk, you’ll need the right coverage.
Policyholders with
comprehensive car insurance
can file a GEICO insurance claim in the event their catalytic converter gets stolen. This type of optional coverage pays for damage to you car caused by anything other than a typical traffic accident—like flooding, hail, hitting an animal, and of course, vandalism such as catalytic converter theft.
Keep in mind that if you have
full-coverage auto insurance
(a robust insurance policy that combines liability, comprehensive, and collision coverage) then catalytic converter theft is covered under the comprehensive component of your full-coverage policy.
On the other hand, vehicle owners who only have liability or collision car insurance through GEICO can’t file a claim for a stolen catalytic converter on their policy.
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How to file a claim for a stolen catalytic converter?

If your catalytic converter was stolen and you need to file a claim with GEICO, you can contact their claims department through the GEICO website or mobile app, or call them at 1-800-841-3000.
Make sure you know the approximate time and location where the theft occurred, and be ready to provide your adjuster with requested documentation such as a copy of your police report or a repair estimate. If you want to check the status of your catalytic converter theft claim, visit GEICO’s website and plug your claim number and personal information into their
tracking tool

How much does it cost to replace a stolen catalytic converter?

Because catalytic converters use precious metals like palladium, rhodium, and platinum to prevent harmful emissions from being released into the air, they’re usually very expensive. In fact, depending on the type of car you drive, replacing a stolen catalytic converter can run you anywhere from around $500 to upwards of $2,500!
This high price point is a major reason why catalytic converter theft is so common—a thief can easily make a thousand dollars or more by selling a stolen converter to a shady salvage yard or auto parts dealer. Plus, converters are very easy to steal—especially from SUVs or other vehicles with high ground clearance—making them an even more tempting target.
Of course, there are steps you can take to protect your car, such as parking in a well-lit area, having your vehicle identification number (VIN) engraved onto your converter, or installing an anti-theft device such as a security plate or shield—but these methods are far from foolproof. A motivated thief equipped with a sawzall or other battery-powered saw can usually remove a catalytic converter in under a minute!
By purchasing comprehensive insurance from GEICO or another reputable insurance agency such as
State Farm
, or
, you can be sure you won’t pay out-of-pocket for the full cost of a new converter. You’ll still need to pay your deductible, but your final costs will be much less than the full price of a replacement converter.
Comprehensive coverage is especially important if you own a new car or drive a vehicle that typically has an above-average rate of catalytic converter theft such as the Toyota Prius or Honda Element.
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How to add comprehensive coverage to your GEICO insurance policy

If you want to add comprehensive coverage to your GEICO auto insurance, all you have to do is speak with your insurance agent, or call GEICO’s customer service line at 1-800-207-7847.
On average, most drivers only pay around $160 per year for comprehensive car insurance from GEICO—but drivers on a tight budget always have the option of gathering quotes or using an insurance comparison tool such as
to shop around for
cheap car insurance

What else does comprehensive coverage cover?

Next to
, comprehensive coverage is one of the most important types of car insurance you can get. Not only can does useful coverage help you pay for the costs associated with catalytic converter theft and other types of vandalism, you’ll also get coverage for damages caused by:
  • Hitting an animal.
  • Natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.
  • “Acts of God” such as a tree limb or large icicle falling on your vehicle.
  • Vehicle theft.
  • Civil disturbances or riots.
This means that even if you aren’t worried about catalytic converter theft specifically, you could still benefit from this insurance coverage if you live in an area with a high crime rate, a high rate of auto theft, severe weather conditions, or if you
lease your car
Pro Tip If you want to purchase comprehensive auto insurance in addition to liability and collision coverage, most providers allow you to bundle these three options together into a single full-coverage policy.
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No. GEICO’s liability insurance alone won’t pay for a stolen catalytic converter. To make sure your GEICO car insurance covers vandalism, add comprehensive or full-coverage insurance to your policy.
If you want to buy GEICO car insurance, you have the option of calling GEICO directly or working with a licensed insurance broker.
Yes! Stolen car parts are covered under GEICO’s comprehensive coverage, while most stolen belongings and personal items can be covered by personal property coverage. Both of these coverages are optional, so you’ll need to add them to your GEICO auto insurance policy to reap the benefits.
Almost every car insurance company offers some protection against catalytic converter theft—usually in the form of comprehensive or full-coverage auto insurance. Be sure and speak with your insurance agent to find out their coverage details.
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