How to Get a Rebuilt Title in Nevada

To get a rebuilt title in Nevada, apply for a salvage title, repair the vehicle, pass inspection, and submit documents to the DMV.
Written by Maxine Boyko
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
If you want to get a rebuilt title in
, you’ll first need to obtain a salvage title, have the vehicle repaired and inspected by a licensed body shop or garage, complete all the required forms, and pass a final DMV inspection.
  • If you intend to do anything other than scrap a total loss vehicle, you’ll need a rebuilt title.
  • To get a rebuilt title in Nevada, you need to obtain a salvage title, repair the vehicle, pass an inspection, and submit the required documents to the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles.
  • The duration of the rebuilt title process in Nevada can vary, but being well-prepared can help expedite the process.

Rebuilt titles: What you should know

If a car has a
rebuilt title
, it means that it was once deemed a total loss by an insurance company before being properly restored to safe and legal driving conditions. 
If you intend to sell, register, or drive a car that’s been totaled, you’ll need a rebuilt title. 
Before the rebuilt title can be issued, however, the vehicle will first be issued a
salvage title
, which indicates that the vehicle has been damaged to the extent that it is no longer safe to drive. In most cases, once a mechanic performs sufficient repairs to the salvage vehicle, it’s considered eligible to apply for a rebuilt title. 
While it’s perfectly legal to sell a vehicle with a salvage title to someone who may want to make the repairs, it’s considered a pretty risky decision.
The bottom line: If you intend to do anything other than scrap a salvage title car, you’ll need a rebuilt title.
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How to get a rebuilt title in Nevada

Step 1: Apply for the salvage title 

If the vehicle doesn’t already have a salvage title, your first step is to apply for one. To do so, you will need to supply the following documents to the Nevada DMV: 
  • The vehicle’s original certificate of title and a completed Salvage Title Application (VP-213)
  • Proof of lien satisfaction (if applicable)
  • A check or money order for $10 made payable to the Nevada DMV 
You can expect a salvage title to be granted to you within two business days after the DMV receives your submitted documentation. 

Make the necessary repairs to your vehicle

After you secure the salvage title, your next step is to have the vehicle repaired to normal operating conditions and up to Nevada safety standards. 
Once you’ve made all the necessary repairs to your car, it will have to pass inspection before it can be granted a rebuilt title. You may only have your vehicle inspected at one of the following state-approved facilities: 
  • Nevada-registered garage
  • Nevada-licensed rebuilder
  • Nevada-licensed body shop
You will also need to bring the following items to the safety inspection
  • The salvage vehicle title
  • A certificate of inspection, to be filled out by the inspector
  • Documentation of the parts that were purchased to make repairs (receipts or invoices, for example)
  • Payment for inspection fees (call ahead to determine)
Important: If your salvage car is five model years old or newer, it will have to pass a DMV inspection and receive an Authorization for Vehicle Restoration form before repairs begin. Hold onto this form—you’ll need it to make repairs and when you apply for the rebuilt title!
Key Takeaway Before you can get a rebuilt title in Nevada, your car will have to undergo repairs and pass an inspection from a state-approved provider.

Submit the necessary documents to the Nevada DMV

Once the car is rebuilt to state specs and safety standards, it’s finally time to apply for a rebuilt title. Here’s what you’ll need:
  • The completed certificate of inspection for the rebuilt vehicle
  • Receipts, invoices, or bills of sale for all of the repair parts
  • The completed Authorization for Vehicle Restoration form, if applicable
  • Payment for the relevant fees

How long does a rebuilt title take in Nevada?

Depending on the circumstances, it can take months to go through the entire rebuilt salvage process in the state of Nevada. Though, if you have an efficient mechanic and you arrive at the DMV prepared, you can expect to get through the process relatively hassle-free. 
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Not necessarily. For a vehicle to get a rebuilt title, it will have to undergo significant repairs and inspections to ensure it is safe to drive. In some instances, it may be repaired to excellent quality, affording you a great deal on a used vehicle. 
There is an equal chance, however, that despite all the vehicle repairs and inspections, the vehicle has sustained damages that are hidden or take time to develop into larger problems (such as a weakened frame or hairline cracks in the radiator). There’s no way to know for sure, so proceed with caution.
The cost to get a rebuilt title varies, as it ultimately depends on the extent of repairs needed for the vehicle to pass state inspection.
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