The Best Tucson, AZ Car Insurance (May 2024)

Most drivers in Tuscon, AZ pay an average of $88/month for full coverage car insurance. Using Jerry, drivers can find quotes for as low as $50/month.
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Kianna Walpole
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Tucson is the second-largest city in
. Its relatively low crime rates and low risk for severe weather make it a great place to live—and help keep the city’s
car insurance
costs low. The average cost of car insurance in Tucson is around $836 a year, which is almost 14% lower than the Arizona state average of $971 a year.
Tucson Car Insurance: Quick Facts
Tucson drivers pay an average of $88/month for full coverage.
Tucson drivers pay an average of $38/month for minimum coverage.
Arizona state law only requires drivers to carry 25/50/15 liability coverage.
But even though Tucson car insurance costs are relatively low, rates are rising nationwide—and an increase in auto thefts in Tucson in 2023 could mean your insurance will be much higher in the future.

How much does car insurance cost in Tucson, AZ?

Car insurance in Tucson is about 38% lower than the Arizona state average and an impressive 51% lower than the national average.
Coverage type
Full coverage (monthly)
Minimum coverage (monthly)
Keep in mind that
the average cost of car insurance
is not indicative of what you will pay. Depending on factors, such as your age, driving history, and vehicle type, you may experience higher or lower costs.
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Estimate your Tucson, AZ car insurance costs

Car insurance companies consider a number of factors when they’re setting car insurance premiums. Some of the most notable include:
  • Age and experience of the driver
  • Vehicle type
  • Driving history
  • Credit score
  • ZIP code
By understanding how these factors impact your Tucson car insurance costs, you can determine whether you’re paying too much for your policy.


Drivers under the age of 25 generally pay the most for car insurance, but rates are especially high for teenagers. 
Teen drivers
’ inexperience behind the wheel makes them statistically more likely to get into an accident—according to the CDC, teen drivers are involved in three times more fatal crashes than drivers over the age of 20.1  As a result, insurers charge steep premiums in return for the additional risk.
Age group
Average monthly cost of car insurance

If you’re the parent of a teen driver, consider keeping them on your insurance instead of having them buy a standalone policy. The average cost of adding a teen to your policy is around $244 a month, but it would cost around $416 a month for them to have their own policy.

Driving record

Your driving history has a significant impact on your car insurance premiums. If you have traffic violations or at-fault accidents on your record, insurers will assume you’re more likely to use unsafe driving behaviors in the future. Your insurance rates will be higher as a result.
Coverage type
Clean driving record
Full coverage (monthly)
Minimum coverage (monthly)
While one speeding ticket probably won’t cause your rates to go up by much—having multiple tickets or causing an accident will likely cause insurance rates to skyrocket. And they’ll usually stay high for three to five years. 
If you’re charged with a serious infraction like a DUI that requires an
SR-22 form
, you’ll pay significantly higher car insurance rates as long as that form is on file with the Arizona DMV—which is a minimum of three years.
Infraction typeAverage monthly cost of insurance
Eluding Police$235
Racing/Drag Racing$228
Wrong Way/Wrong Lane$214
Illegal Turn$209


In most states, including Arizona, insurance companies can consider a driver’s credit-based insurance score as a factor when setting their rates. Insurers have concluded that drivers’ financial reliability is directly related to how likely they are to file insurance claims.2
Credit range
Average monthly cost of car insurance
600 or less
700 or more

Vehicle type

Insurance companies will consider the type of car you drive when they’re setting your rates. You’ll pay less to insure a practical, safe, and inexpensive car than you will to insure a high-end, fast vehicle, for instance.
Here’s what drivers pay nationwide to insure some of the most popular vehicles in Arizona: 
Average monthly cost of full coverage

ZIP code

Where you live can affect your car insurance rates. Insurers will look at factors specific to a ZIP code, including crime rates, driving conditions, frequency of natural disasters, how often accidents occur, and the cost of living. They’ll use this data to determine higher or lower rates for everyone in that ZIP code.
Here are the average monthly insurance costs for the five most and least expensive Tucson ZIP codes:

The most expensive ZIP codes in Tucson, AZ

ZIP codeAverage monthly cost of insurance

The cheapest ZIP codes in Tucson, AZ

ZIP codeAverage monthly cost of insurance

Find the best car insurance companies in Tucson, AZ

Every auto insurance company has its own method for assessing all of these factors and setting rates. That means that you can get very different rates from one insurer to the next—which is why comparison shopping is so important. 
This table shows the average rates Tucson drivers paid with some of the area’s most popular auto insurance providers.
Insurance company
Average monthly cost of car insurance

Why is car insurance so cheap in Tucson?

Arizona’s low minimum liability limits and Tucson’s relatively smooth traffic are likely reasons why you can find cheap car insurance in the Tucson area. We’ll take a closer look below.


Overall, Tucson isn’t especially prone to natural disasters—winter weather is rarely an issue, and tornadoes occur somewhat infrequently.3  The relatively low risk of having your vehicle damaged by severe weather could encourage insurers to keep insurance costs low in the region. 
But monsoons and flash floods do pose a threat, which could cause rates to be a little higher than they might be otherwise.4


Crowded, poorly-managed roads can lead to frustrated drivers and heavy traffic congestion—which in turn can lead to increased accidents and higher insurance rates. Fortunately, this isn’t the situation in Tucson.
Tucson’s Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) is currently in the last phase of a 20-year project to improve the city’s roads—they’ve been widening lanes, adding pedestrian corridors, improving intersections, and more.6  The project, which began in 2007, is expected to be finished in 2026. 7 The city is also tentatively planning to begin a new 20-year project once the old one has been completed.8 
These intentional efforts to stay on top of Tucson’s transportation needs could be a factor in why the city’s insurance rates stay on the lower side.

Crime rates

In 2022, motor vehicle thefts in Tucson were down almost 76% from 2021. That almost certainly helped keep insurance rates low throughout 2023.
But while decreasing crime rates may have lowered costs for 2023, the situation could be changing. Auto theft rates in Tucson went up almost 106% from 2023 compared to 2022, which will likely lead to an increase in premiums over the next year.5
Auto Theft Tucson Arizona
To combat rising car insurance costs in your area, turn on Jerry’s reshop feature. Before your next policy renewal, we’ll check whether any other insurance companies can offer you a lower rate.

Uninsured drivers

According to the Insurance Information Institute (III), about 11.8% of Arizona drivers are uninsured.9  This puts the Grand Canyon State squarely in the middle of the pack—it ranks 24th for uninsured motorists in the United States. 
Having a high number of uninsured drivers puts more strain on insurance companies because insured drivers are more likely to have to rely on their own policies for coverage if they get into an accident caused by a driver without liability insurance. 

Auto insurance requirements for Tucson, AZ

The state of Arizona requires all drivers to carry at least the following amounts of liability insurance: 
  • $25,000 of bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 of bodily injury liability per accident
  • $15,000 of property damage liability per accident
Insurance companies must also offer $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident of uninsured motorist/underinsured motorist coverage (UM/UIM). You can decline the coverage, but consider keeping it—UM/UIM can provide valuable protection if you’re in an accident caused by a driver who doesn’t have insurance or whose liability insurance won’t cover your damages.

Consider increasing your liability limits

Arizona’s relatively low liability limits may not fully protect you if you cause an accident. Rising medical expenses and car repair costs mean a serious accident can easily exceed those limits. The other party could sue for anything that your insurance doesn’t cover, including ongoing medical care and lost income in the case of serious, life-changing injuries.

Expert Advice

VP of Insurance Operations, Jerry
A general rule that I recommend is to carry enough coverage to protect your current and future assets – at least $100,000/$300,000 of liability coverage is recommended, but you may need more coverage depending on your financial situation.

Add full coverage to protect your own vehicle

Liability insurance will only cover damages that you cause to other vehicles—it won’t pay for damage to your own car at all. For that, you’ll need
full coverage
, which includes:
  • Collision coverage: Pays to repair or replace your car after a collision with another vehicle or an object.
  • Comprehensive coverage: Provides financial protection from damage due to theft, vandalism, flooding, fire, hitting an animal, and more.
If you lease your vehicle or have a car loan, your lender will probably require you to carry full coverage insurance as part of your financing terms.

Customize your policy with optional insurance coverage

When you shop with Jerry, it’s easy to select the different types of insurance you want included in your policy. Here are a few car insurance coverage options we recommend: 
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist (UM/UIM)
    : Helps pay for your medical bills if you’re in an accident with an uninsured driver or a driver whose liability insurance won’t cover all of your injury-related expenses.
  • Towing and labor coverage
    : Also known as roadside assistance, this add-on can be invaluable if you run out of gas or need a tow—especially if you frequently travel the long rural stretches outside of Tucson.
  • Medical payments (MedPay)
    : MedPay helps pay for medical bills for you and your passengers if you’re injured in an accident.
  • Rental reimbursement
    : If your car is in the shop for a covered repair, rental reimbursement will help cover the cost of a rental car.


How much is Tucson car insurance?

The average cost of car insurance in Tucson is around $70 a month—drivers pay an average of $38 a month for minimum liability coverage and $88 a month for full coverage.

How much is car insurance in Arizona?

The average cost of car insurance in Arizona is around $81 a month—$43 a month for minimum liability coverage and $102 a month for full coverage.

What insurance can I get on my car in Tucson, Arizona?

In addition to liability and full coverage, you can add coverages like uninsured motorist, medical payments, roadside assistance, and rental reimbursement to your insurance policy.

Where can I buy Mexican car insurance in Tucson?

There are a number of independent car insurance agencies in Tucson that will help you secure Mexican car insurance if you’re planning to drive across the border.

Who has the cheapest car insurance in Tucson?

There’s not one single car insurance company that can offer the lowest rates to all Tucson drivers. That said, some drivers find affordable rates with insurance carriers like Travelers, Clearcover, State Farm, and GEICO.

How can I save on my car insurance policy in Tucson?

Comparing auto insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies is the best way to find affordable rates in the Tucson area. You may also be able to lower your auto insurance rates by bundling your home insurance or renters insurance with your auto insurance policy.

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