Rivian’s Partnership with Amazon Is Really Paying Off: Rivian Is Set to Begin Manufacturing Electric Vans in Europe

Learn more about the joint venture between Rivian, Amazon, and Mercedes Benz—a triple threat that will help bring EV vans to the European delivery and industrial market.
Written by Jason Crosby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
It’s hard to wonder how a company that’s basically sponsored by Amazon could fail, yet sometimes Rivian does seem to be headed in that direction. But then, as luck would have it, a new breakthrough helps Rivian catch its breath and breathe hope into the startup’s potential. This time, it’s Amazon, who’s planning on working with Rivian to manufacture
electric vans
in Europe. Could this new European deal be exactly what Rivian needs? 
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Amazon and Rivian’s European production goals

reveals that Rivian isn’t working with Amazon alone to produce electric vans in Europe: They’ll be teaming up with none other than
. This unlikely partnership could make for a promising new venture. 
The companies have been rather hush-hush about the price or exact timing of their plans, leaving the rest of us to speculate. However, the new deal certainly benefits Rivian and Mercedes equally—with Amazon’s money to ensure success. 
Forbes quotes Deutsche Bank equity analyst Emmanuel Rosner, stating, “The partnership with Mercedes ‘gives Rivian added credibility in the (European) marketplace and should enable it to leverage Mercedes’ established supply chain and manufacturing footprint in Europe, providing the OEM a short-cut to entering a new market with a very credible partner.’” 
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Amazon’s electric van deal seems to be well underway

Amazon’s interest in Rivian has always seemed to revolve around the potential to have access to a startup that could offer the world’s largest company the EV fleet it needed. That deal seems to be going well so far, as
About Amazon
Rivian is on track to deliver thousands of its electric vans to 100 major metropolitan areas in the U.S. by the end of 2022—and plans to have 100,000 electric vans in operation by 2030.
It’s good to have Rivian back on the right track after fumbling several times with their R1T pickup and R1S SUVS—two beautiful but woefully delayed EVs. 
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Rivian had its challenges, but seems destined for success

Hate on Rivian all you want, but it’s actually the best-funded start-up in history. It’s a huge deal to have both Ford and Amazon backing such a fledgling EV company. 
Despite only producing about 25,000 EVs in 2022, Rivian is building a massive facility in Georgia that, once open in 2024, is predicted to help manufacture up to 400,000 vehicles annually. We know nothing about where the vehicles to be produced from the joint venture between Rivian and Mercedes, but it’s certainly possible that this Georgia facility could be the site. 
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