The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid Still Has Some Issues

The Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid keeps getting sucked back into the recall whirlpool. Here’s what got it this time.
Written by Alex Reale
Reviewed by Serena Aburahma
are an annoying but fairly common occurrence in the automotive world. Luckily, they rarely constitute true emergencies, and owners of faulty vehicles have lots of options for tackling the issue by way of replacement or repair.
Pacifica Hybrid minivan has been through a few rounds of recalls, and now it’s back in 2022 for another bout. Here’s what happened.

Recalling a previous recall

In 2020, Chrysler recalled 27,634 Pacifica Hybrids, says
Consumer Reports
. These vehicles were recalled because of a fire risk that may have been attributable to a faulty electrical connection in the car’s battery system. 
CR reports that Chrysler noted that the actual incidents of fire were kept to single digits, and the majority of these took place while vehicles were parked. 
The 2020 episode was a callback to 2018 when 10,000 2017 and 2018 Chrysler Pacifica Hybrids were also recalled from the market. These, too, suffered from fire risks.

No closure yet for the Pacifica Hybrid

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the end of the sordid tale for the Pacifica Hybrid.
In 2022, Consumer Reports reported that Chrysler issued yet another recall notice for its hapless minivan. An unfortunate echo of previous times, this recall also cited fire risks in the 2017 and 2018 models.
Twelve instances of the Pacifica catching fire while parked formed the substance of the recall. Each car, notes Consumer Reports, was turned off when the fire began, and three-quarters of them were plugged in to charge. 
Chrysler is investigating the root cause of the issue, and in the interim encouraged owners not to park their Pacificas too near other cars. Additionally, the automaker said it would be providing software updates free of charge to all owners, to better monitor the battery. 
In all, 19,808 vehicles were recalled in 2022.

Still, it’s an editor’s pick

These public setbacks aside, the Chrysler Pacifica still appears to be winning hearts.
called it “cooler than you think,” touting its comfort, fuel economy, and luxuriousness. 
Car and Driver’s
assessment was also highly complimentary: “practical, comfortable, graceful, and undeniably handsome.” If Chrysler can just figure out how to put out these fires, it looks like the Pacifica will be in business.
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