What Color of Car Gets the Most Tickets?

America’s most pulled over car color is also its most popular color: white. Factors like sex, age, race, and car type also play a role.
Written by R.E. Fulton
Reviewed by Carrie Adkins
It’s an urban myth that red cars get the most tickets—you’re actually most likely to get a ticket driving a white car
White cars don’t get the most tickets because their drivers are more aggressive or irresponsible. White is the most popular car color, so these vehicles generate more tickets than less common car colors. Police also give more tickets to men, young drivers, drivers of color, and people driving sporty cars. 
This doesn’t mean that you’re sure to get a ticket driving a white car, or that anyone in a conservative blue minivan is safe from traffic violations. Anyone who drives recklessly or fails to obey speed limits can get a ticket, and even a minor violation can drive up your
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What color of car gets the most tickets?

In the United States,
white cars get more tickets than any other car color
. That’s not because white car drivers are unusually reckless—white cars get more tickets because there are more of them on the road! According to Kelley Blue Book, white cars are
the most popular color for just about every type of car
, from SUVs and minivans to luxury sedans. 
The most ticketed car color might be about more than statistics, though. In
a recent study
to determine which car colors get the most tickets, red was the second most pulled over car color, despite ranking much lower than white in overall popularity. 
This finding might give some credence to the urban legend that says red cars get pulled over more often because they’re perceived as more aggressive than other vehicles. Or, it might reflect the personality of drivers who choose red cars over more understated colors. 
Key Takeaway White cars get more tickets than any other color of car because they make up the biggest percentage of cars on the road. 
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Do make and model matter? 

Not only do some colors of car get more tickets than others, but there are also discrepancies between the number of tickets given to certain makes and models.
A study published by Forbes in 2016
found that the
Lexus ES 300
, the
Nissan 350Z
, and the
Dodge Charger SE
were the three most likely cars to get pulled over. Sporty Mazdas and
were among the other most frequently ticketed cars. 
By contrast, the
Buick Encore
and the
Lexus IS 350
each made up just 3% of ticketed cars. It makes sense: bigger sedans and SUVs targeted towards families tend to receive fewer tickets than fast cars geared towards younger drivers. 
Once again, driver psychology counts more than statistics. Your car won’t attract law enforcement attention just because it’s built for speed—but if you choose your car based on its speed and power, you’re probably more likely to push the limits and earn yourself a speeding ticket. 
Key Takeaway SUVs and sports cars designed for younger drivers tend to get more tickets than more sedate vehicles marketed towards families. 
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Who gets pulled over most often? 

It’s not just the type of car that affects the frequency of tickets—it’s who’s behind the wheel.
Demographic studies have shown that men are more likely to be pulled over than women. According to
one study from the Federal Trade Commission
, 63.4% of all traffic tickets in the US in 2005 were given to men. 
Young drivers also tend to get more tickets, which is why insurance companies set higher premiums based on age.
A 2017 study in St. Paul, Minnesota
showed that one-third of all speeding tickets were issued to drivers between the ages of 16 and 25
Recent research has demonstrated that race also plays a role in the frequency of traffic stops. In 2019,
a Stanford University study of almost 100 million traffic stops
revealed that Black drivers are about 20% more likely to be pulled over than white drivers.
Studies suggest that
unconscious bias
can influence how frequently police issue tickets based on demographics, but driver experience also plays a role. Younger drivers are more likely to commit traffic violations because they aren’t as familiar with the rules of the road or because they have less experience dealing with difficult driving situations. 

How to avoid a ticket

Don’t let your car color or your demographics become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You can maintain a clean driving record by staying off your phone, using your headlights and turn signals appropriately, and staying calm on the road
To improve your driving skills and avoid unwanted tickets, you can even take a
defensive driving course
Avoiding tickets won’t just save you a legal hassle and a nasty fine—you’ll also save money on car insurance by keeping your record clean! 

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