Are GMCs Expensive to Maintain?

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GMC is known for heavy-duty trucks and SUVs. Their vehicles rank 22nd out of 32 for all car brands when it comes to reliability. The average annual repair cost for a GMC is $744
Once you purchase your vehicle, the spending isn’t finished! You need to budget for regular maintenance to keep your GMC running smoothly. Some makes and models cost more than others to maintain.
To help you understand what to expect with your new (or new-to-you) GMC, the car insurance comparison shopping and broker app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know about whether GMCs are expensive to maintain.

How much maintenance does my GMC require?

GMC is one of General Motors’ main brands, but their vehicles are known for inconsistent reliability. You can expect your GMC to require slightly more maintenance than other cars. 
According to RepairPal, GMC vehicles tend to visit the repair shop about 0.3 times per year for unscheduled maintenance. That’s not a terrible rate, but here’s the full picture: 17% of those repairs are considered severe. That rate is significantly higher than the national average of 12% across all models.
For comparison, Ford has the same unexpected repairs frequency (0.3 times per year) but only a 15% probability of having a severe problem. Toyotas have only a 12% probability.

How much does maintenance for a GMC cost?

On average, a GMC costs about $744 per year for standard maintenance.
However, your own GMC maintenance cost will depend on the specific model you own. For instance, a GMC Hummer cost will be different from the maintenance cost for a GMC Terrain. 
Let’s review the average annual maintenance costs for a few popular GMC models.

Budget: GMC Terrain 

  • Reliability: 3.5/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $427 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.3 times per year (average)

Mid-range: GMC Acadia

  • Reliability: 3/5 (average)
  • Annual Maintenance cost: $515 (average)
  • Repair Frequency: 0.4 times per year (average) 

Splurge: GMC Yukon XL

  • Reliability: 3/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $876 average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.6 times per year (average)

Why you should maintain your GMC

Do you want to save money and drive safely? Then you should perform regular maintenance on your GMC. 
A well-maintained vehicle:
  • Increases your safety while driving
  • Saves you money by preventing expensive problems
  • Keeps your car performing at its best
  • Keeps the value of your car high
It’s easy to procrastinate on getting your GMC serviced regularly. We get it, you’re busy! But just remember, a poorly maintained vehicle puts you at risk of driving an unsafe vehicle and having an expensive breakdown.
Key Takeaway: In general, GMCs are less reliable than the average vehicle. However, some models are more reliable and affordable than others. How often does a GMC require maintenance?
MileageServiceAverage cost
Every 7,500 milesOil change, tire rotation$40 to $60
Every 22,500 milesChange in-cabin air filter$67 to $82
Every 45,000 milesRotate tires, inspect evaporative control system, replace engine air cleaner filter, change transfer case fluid on 4WD vehicles$177 to $20
Every 100,000 milesReplace spark plugs, replace transmission fluid and filter, inspect fuel system and exhaust system$505 to $606

Oil changes

  • When: Usually required every 7,500 miles
  • Cost: $20 to $40
  • Why: Removes excess dirt that can build up in your engine from daily use
  • DIY?: Maybe—if you have the right tools

Tire replacement

  • When: NHTSA recommends that tires be replaced every six years, regardless of the number of miles driven
  • Cost: $150 to $500 per tire 
  • Why: Worn-out tires are unsafe and can lead to hydroplaning in wet weather
  • DIY?: No—allow a professional to ensure a balanced installation for even wear and a smooth ride

Engine replacement

  • When: If the engine block is cracked, damaged in a collision, or simply worn out due to high-mileage
  • Cost: ~$5,000
  • Why: Your engine is the key to prolonging the life of your vehicle
  • DIY?: No—take the car to a reputable mechanic for an engine replacement

Windshield replacement

  • When: If the crack is longer than your hand, extends to the outer edge of the windshield, or deep enough that it goes halfway into the windshield
  • Cost: ~$300
  • Why: If you can’t see clearly, it’s dangerous to drive 
  • DIY?: No—avoid attempting to install a new windshield yourself


  • When: Visible discoloration or paint peeling
  • Cost: $1,000 to $4,000
  • Why: Prevent corrosion and improve resale value with a good paint job
  • DIY?: Possible—only attempt this if you have a safe place to apply paint and professional-grade tools 

AC condenser

  • When: If you notice abnormal sounds, leakage, or a reduced cooling capacity
  • Cost: $434 to $512
  • Why: It’s less expensive than a full AC replacement but can sometimes solve the problem
  • DIY?: No—go to an auto shop for this service

Torque converter

  • When: If you’re struggling to shift smoothly or the transmission is overheating
  • Cost: $$150 to $500
  • Why: This part transfers power from the engine to the transmission (it’s pretty essential!)
  • DIY?: No—this is a complex repair that’s best suited for a professional

Finding cheap car insurance

In addition to regular maintenance appointments, good car insurance is a smart way to protect yourself and your GMC from unpredictable situations.
Jerry is an app that makes it easy to shop around with different insurance providers. You tell the app what coverage you want and it will generate custom quotes from top companies. In seconds, you’ll see quotes and can select a new policy.
Best of all, Jerry handles all the phone calls and paperwork if you find a good deal. The average user finds nearly $900 in annual savings! That’s more than the annual cost of maintenance for a GMC. 
“When using Jerry, I just put in a bit of information, and they found lots of different quotes for me. I was paying $305 a month for 2 brand-new cars, but now I’m paying $150 a month for both with full coverage!” ––Robin U.

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