Are Cadillacs Expensive to Maintain?

Cadillacs are slightly more expensive to maintain than the average car, with an average yearly maintenance cost of $783.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Edited by Pat Roache
As a domestic luxury brand with average reliability, Cadillac vehicles tend to be slightly more expensive to maintain than the average vehicle with an annual
car repair
and maintenance cost of around $783.
  • Cadillac vehicles tend to require more severe unscheduled maintenance visits than other car brands.
  • More expensive Cadillac models come with more expensive long-term maintenance costs.
  • Routine maintenance—like an oil change every 3,000 miles—is essential to keep your Cadillac in peak condition.

Cadillacs require more maintenance than most cars

Cadillac is a popular luxury car brand with decent reliability, but you can expect it to require a little more maintenance than most cars.
Severe maintenance visits: RepairPal notes that, on average, Cadillacs visit the repair shop as often as the average vehicle for unscheduled maintenance—about 0.4 times per year. However, roughly 17% of those visits are considered severe—which is significantly higher than average for all automotive brands.

Cadillac maintenance costs

On average, a Cadillac costs about $783 per year for routine maintenance.
Keep in mind: Average costs for maintenance may vary depending on the model that you drive. Used cars will also become more expensive to maintain than new cars as they begin to require more unexpected maintenance and repairs. 
Below are the average annual maintenance costs for a few popular Cadillac models.

Budget: Cadillac XTS

  • Reliability rating: 3.5/5 (above average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $725 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.4 times per year (average)

Mid-range: Cadillac CTS

  • Reliability rating: 3.5/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $836 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.4 times per year (average)

Splurge: Cadillac Escalade

  • Reliability rating: 2.5/5 (average)
  • Annual maintenance cost: $1,102 (average)
  • Repair frequency: 0.3 times per year (below high)
Key Takeaway Luxury vehicles like Cadillac are more expensive to maintain than entry-level brands. The higher the price tag, the more likely you are to face higher maintenance costs and repairs due to pricier and more specialized parts.

Why you should maintain your Cadillac

There are many benefits to performing
routine car maintenance
on your Cadillac car:
  • Keeps it performing at its best
  • Increases your safety while on the road
  • Keeps the value of your car up
  • Saves you money by preventing costly issues from creeping up
The bottom line: Keep up with regular maintenance to reduce the possibility of major breakdowns and expensive repair costs—not to mention the inconvenience that comes with that!

Standard Cadillac maintenance tasks

Oil changes

  • When: A
    Cadillac oil change
    is usually required every 3,000 miles
  • Cost: $138 to $149
  • Why: Oil plays a vital role in protecting an engine’s internal parts, and keeping the engine cool and free from contamination
  • DIY?: Yes—if you have the right tools

Tire replacement

  • When: NHTSA recommends a full
    tire replacement
    every six years, regardless of the number of miles driven.
  • Cost: $130 to $500
  • Why: Worn tires don’t handle well and you can hydroplane in wet weather
  • DIY?: No—get a professional to handle the tire replacement so they can ensure your new tires are balanced for even wear and a smooth ride.

Engine replacement

  • When: If your engine is damaged in a collision, the engine block is cracked, or it simply has run its course in a high-mileage vehicle
  • Cost: $4,000 to $6,000
  • Why: A functioning engine is essential and can prolong the life of your car
  • DIY?: No—avoid trying this yourself and take the car to a reputable mechanic

Windshield replacement

  • When: If the windshield crack exceeds the length of a dollar bill, is deep enough that it goes halfway into the windshield, or extends to the windshield’s outer edge
  • Cost: $350 to $1,000
  • Why: Driving with a severely cracked windshield can impair your vision
  • DIY?: No—installing a new windshield yourself isn’t recommended


  • When: If the car has visible discoloration or peeling
  • Cost: $3,000 to $4,000
  • Why: Paint helps to prevent structural problems, corrosion and improves a car’s resale value
  • DIY?: Maybe—but a professional-looking
    car paint job
    requires specialized tools and lots of time and patience
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