Are Dishwashers Covered Under Homeowners Insurance?

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    A dishwasher, like all home appliances, is something you take for granted until it breaks. Without a dishwasher, cleaning up after a meal can feel like a part-time job. Not to mention, a broken dishwasher could mean a lot more than a few extra dishes to clean. If damaged, a dishwasher could leak and cause water damage to other parts of your home.
    If you ever find yourself in this unfortunate situation, you’ll want to take the quickest course of action to get yourself out of it. If your home warranty is up, that may mean contacting your insurance company to find out if your dishwasher is covered under your policy.
    But, are dishwashers commonly covered under homeowners insurance? Here’s what you need to know.

    Are dishwashers commonly covered?

    Unfortunately, this is not a yes or no situation. Whether or not you can claim a broken dishwasher (or damage caused by your dishwasher) depends on your coverage and how the damage was incurred.

    When does homeowners insurance cover dishwashers?

    Your insurance policy includes a list of perils it covers. These perils often include damage caused by unexpected and unpreventable occurrences, for instance, fires, lightning, and wind. That being said, if your dishwasher is damaged in a fire, it will most likely be covered.

    When does homeowners insurance not cover dishwashers?

    Your insurance most likely will not cover dishwasher repairs if it broke or malfunctioned due to normal wear and tear or inflicted damage. For instance, if a loose fork broke an interior mechanism, your insurance company likely won't fix it. Likewise, if your dishwasher is past its warranty and a piece falls off, it's your responsibility to fix it.
    The rule of thumb is that regular maintenance issues fall on the homeowner. However, the sky's the limit when it comes to insurance coverage. If you want to get the optimal protection for your major appliances, consider purchasing additional home appliance insurance or equipment breakdown coverage. But remember, even if you have all the coverage in the world, it doesn't mean you're off the hook for properly maintaining your personal property.

    How much will it cover?

    If your dishwasher (and the method by which it broke or caused damage) is covered by your insurance policy, how much coverage will you actually get?
    Again, it depends on your home insurance policy. If it is covered, then the insurance company will likely pay to repair it, minus a service fee. If it needs to be replaced and you have cash value insurance, you will receive the current market value of your dishwasher, which may not be very much if your dishwasher is older. And if you have replacement cost value insurance then your insurance company will cover the cost of a new replacement dishwasher.
    That being said, always do your due diligence and double-check your covered perils. Don't miss out on the coverage you are paying for!

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