Subletting in Pittsburgh

Subletting in Pittsburgh
Written by Lynell Spencer
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Jun 01, 2022
Subletting your apartment in
is legal, but you must follow the rules of your lease agreement.
Your lease agreement is the first place you should go to see if your landlord allows renters to sublet their space. Usually, your lease will let you know the basics, like how long you can sublet and if there are certain restrictions. If your lease does not address this issue, talk with your landlord directly. 
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Is subletting legal in Pittsburgh?
Yes, it’s legal to sublet an apartment in Pittsburgh. You will not face legal action for subletting your apartment, but your lease agreement and your landlord dictate whether it is allowed or not. 
If you are thinking about a sublet, start by reviewing your lease. This will help you understand the basic rules put in place by your landlord. Remember, if you sublet without permission, or under false pretenses, your landlord can take action—up to and including eviction.

Can my landlord reject my sublet tenant? 

Yes, if they have a good reason. That said, Pennsylvania law does stipulate that a landlord may not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, disability, sex, or familial status under the Fair Housing Act. 
A landlord may reject a subletter for factors like:
  • Credit score
  • History of felonies or violence
  • Evictions or poor rental history
  • False or incomplete information

How to sublet an apartment in Pittsburgh

Get the okay from your landlord

After checking out the rules of your lease, reach out to your landlord. Make sure that you are allowing as much time as possible for them to respond and provide further guidance and information. At the very least, make sure you have two weeks—but it is preferable to start planning a month or more in advance.

Find a subtenant

When you get approval to sublet, it is your responsibility to find an acceptable subtenant to temporarily move into your place. You may already have someone in mind, and that is great! If you do not already know someone, you will need to start looking!
Post on websites like: 
Income and credit score are the first and most important things to consider when looking to sublet your place. You will also want to find someone that you feel comfortable and safe having in your space. 

Screen an applicant’s background and income

Take some time to consider the background and income history of your potential applicants. Finding someone can feel like an item you just want to check off a list, but a lot is riding on choosing the right candidate. 
Applicants need to provide proof of income and rental history, as well as information about their background, habits, and criminal record. There are plenty of companies that will provide a formal background check for a fee. At the very least, find them on social media, ask for references, and meet up in person to make sure you are choosing someone you trust. 

Create a sublease agreement and request approval in writing

So you’ve found the right person to sublet your space. Now what? Get it in writing. Draw up a contract for you and your subtenant. 
For Pennsylvania renters, the one found
, at is a great example. If you choose to create your own document, it should include: 
  • The start and end dates of the sublet 
  • The amount of rent to be paid, and the dates you expect to receive payment
  • And procedures for breach of contract 
Next, you and the subtenant will sign the agreement, and you may even choose to have it
Send the sublease, the applicant’s documents, and a written request for approval to your landlord. It is best to send this as a certified letter, for legal purposes.

Continue paying rent

Once everything is in order, you are ready to leave your place in the capable hands of your tenant. Remember that it is your responsibility to continue paying the rent, and collecting the money that your subletter has agreed to pay you. 
Key Takeaway Choose the right subtenant, and make sure to document everything in writing. 

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