Everything You Need to Know About Coliving in San Francisco

You can easily find a coliving space in the San Francisco Bay Area through coliving companies like Common and June Homes.
Written by Mariza Morin
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Looking for a coliving space in
San Francisco
? In today’s sharing economy, there are more coliving companies than ever from Bungalow to Outpost Club to help you find communal living in the Golden Gate City.
Though home sharing is nothing new, coliving has proven to be a great alternative for many young people in major cities these days. Sharing a communal space with other like-minded individuals helps cut living costs, builds community, and sometimes comes with extra perks like cleaning services when you don’t have the time. Whether you’re a student or a digital nomad, there are various coliving accommodations in San Francisco to suit your needs. 
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What is coliving?

While collective accommodations like artist residencies have always been around, the demand for coliving spaces has exploded over the last decade. But what is coliving exactly? Essentially, coliving is a form of communal living for the modern world
Housing startups have been on the rise to provide affordable housing for young people willing to share a home—usually students, remote workers, and young professionals who travel for work. 
And there are various types of living arrangements depending on your preferences. Coliving can be as simple as renting a room in a single-family home while sharing communal spaces, or you can even opt to live in alternative spaces like an adult dorm or co-op
Coliving is meant to help cut down on living expenses while building community for those living in major cities like San Francisco. Many coliving companies today offer fully-furnished common spaces and extra perks like free wifi and house cleaning for busy individuals who are always on the go. Coliving spaces generally offer flexible lease terms—including nightly and weekly rates—for those who can’t commit to a traditional 6-month or one-year lease. 
San Francisco is a global hub for technology, which attracts brilliant minds from all over the world who want to get in on the startup action in the Bay Area as well as nearby Silicon Valley. Plus, San Francisco is a beautiful, diverse city with world-class arts, culture, cuisine, outdoor recreation, and some of the most iconic landmarks in the nation that attracts visitors all year. 
But all these fantastic features, unfortunately, come at a high price as San Francisco is currently the
most expensive city in the United States
. Coliving helps ease the burden of exorbitant housing costs while also connecting you to other young career-minded professionals.

Is coliving right for you?

While coliving can help you save money while living in a desirable city like San Francisco, it’s not for everyone. If you’re not sure if coliving is right for you, consider the following:


Reducing housing expenses is the biggest benefit of coliving in a major city. You’re renting out a room and sharing communal spaces like the kitchen and living room, which means you’re also splitting expenses like water and electricity. Most coliving spaces also come with furnished common spaces, so you don’t need to worry about filling up your home with the basics. 
Besides saving on rent, you’ll also find new connections through meeting like-minded people from all over the globe to network and build strong communities while sharing a roof. Another bonus is the freedom that comes with flexible living terms. Many coliving accommodations offer short-term and long-term leases, whether for a week or just a couple of months, so you don’t have to get tied down to a rental agreement—especially if travel is a big part of your job.  


A lack of privacy is the biggest drawback of communal living. If your roommates tend to hog the living room to watch football games every week, you’ll only have your individual room to escape to if needed. Learning to live and adapt to multiple personalities under one roof can be challenging—so if you require a quieter living space, coliving might not be for you. 
While coliving companies try to match residents who have similar interests, you basically have no control over roommate selection. Another downside to coliving is that it's only limited to major cities. If you’re looking to live in a smaller city or the SF suburbs, you might have a more difficult time coming across a coliving space that offers the same amenities as furnished common spaces and flexible leasing terms. 

Where to find coliving spaces in San Francisco

There are more coliving options than ever before for the modern world. Here are some of the best coliving companies to find communal living spaces in the Golden Gate City:
  • Bungalow
    : Leases range from four to 24 months. Cleaning services, wifi, Smart TV, and kitchen essentials are all included in your rent. You also get a two-week trial in case things don’t work out with no additional termination fees. 
  • Coliving.com
    : Month-by-month leases are provided. Cleaning services, wifi, streaming services, work spaces, common area furnishings, and kitchen essentials are all included in your rent. Some coliving spaces even offer laundry services, pools, and gyms. 
  • Common
    : Leases range from three to 12 months. Beautifully designed shared homes and private rooms come with a bed, nightstand, and lamp. Utilities, washer/dryer, wifi, cleaning services, and basic household supplies are all included in your rent. 
  • June Homes
    : Leases range from one to 18 months. Choose between furnished and unfurnished homes. Utilities and wifi are also included in your rent. 
Each of these coliving companies offers move-in-ready furnished living spaces. You can easily apply online or through one of their apps to find your next coliving space right at your fingertips! 
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Tips for coliving

Living with strangers can be tough. And if you’ve never had roommates before, you might be in for a bit of a culture shock as you meet people from all walks of life. 
Therefore, coliving etiquette is important to ensure that everyone is respectful of one another in order to have the best possible coliving experience possible. Here are a few tips to follow:


Open communication is important for all relationships. If something is bothering you, like your roommate talking loudly on their phone every night when you have early mornings—speak up! Talking out issues in your coliving space and establishing house rules will result in a peaceful living environment that also helps to build trust among all roommates. 

Clean up after yourself

You don’t live with your mother anymore, so don’t forget to wash those dishes you just used! Everyone has different hygiene standards, but when you’re living with other people,
it's important that you clean up after yourself
especially in common areas. Don’t leave your dirty clothes scattered around the living room or bread crumbs all over the kitchen floor.

Be respectful

Be respectful of your new coliving space, but most importantly be courteous of all your roommates and treat them like the equals that they are. Again, establish house rules right away so everyone is on board. Since you’ll be sharing spaces like the kitchen and bathroom, learn what is shared in the home and what’s not shared to avoid any conflicts with your roomies.

Be social

Socialization is one of the main points of communal living if you want to build long-lasting relationships with your new roommates. Get out of your comfort zone and join in on house events that one of your roommates throws or go out together to local restaurants and bars. 
If you’re usually the first one up in the morning, brew some coffee for the whole gang—not just yourself. Little things like this can help to ensure a pleasant coliving experience for everyone.

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