Utah Residents Are Most Likely to Leave a Note on a Car They Damage

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 3 min read
If you accidentally knock into someone’s car and cause some damage while the other driver isn’t there, would you leave a note? If you live in
, apparently you are more likely to do the right thing.
According to a survey by an auto dealer,
tied with Arkansas for the top spot on the honesty index poll, reports
Hit-and-run accidents are serious and can have consequences beyond just increasing
car insurance
premiums. So hopefully, Utah residents were being truthful when the majority said they would leave a note on the car they damaged.
Utah ranked No 1 on an honesty scale when it comes to leaving a note after damaging a car.

Honestly is the best policy in Utah

The poll asked 3,000 people what they would do in the situation, and an honesty index was created as a result.
The results showed that one in three people, or 30%, said they would not leave a note.
But in Utah, 91% said they would leave a note, which was the highest percentage on the honesty scale.
Utah and Arkansas tied for the top spot, while South Dakota reportedly had the greatest number of drivers who said they would not leave a note.
Interestingly, more than half the drivers surveyed (53%) said they’ve been in a situation where someone hit their car, and a note was not left.
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Hit-and-run statistics

MORE: Everything You Need To Know about Hit and Run Car Accident Claims
According to the
AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety’s
2018 report, which seems to be the most recent one with this data, hit-and-run crashes and fatalities have been increasing.
The report says that in 2015, there were an estimated 737,100 hit-and-run crashes, which translates to a hit and run happening somewhere in the U.S. every 43 seconds.
In 2016, there were 2,049 fatalities that resulted from hit-and-run accidents, which at the time was the highest number ever recorded.
It was also quite a jump from the previous year, which recorded 1,819 hit-and-run fatalities.

What do to if you’re involved in a hit and run

If someone has caused damage to your car, but fled the scene, you’ll need to file a hit and run accident claim.
If you have
liability insurance
, which is the most basic coverage, you’ll most likely have to pay for any damages from the hit and run yourself.
If you have car insurance beyond just liability insurance, you will most likely be covered. But you will have to meet your deductible first.

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