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What are some cars made for traveling over rough ground?
I just moved to Utah and I want to get into off-roading. I’ve never driven a four-wheel-drive car before, so I want to know what the best cars are. What are some of the best vehicles for driving over rough terrain?
Eric Schad
Jan 26, 2022
How many car accidents happen in Utah per day?
I live in Utah and I saw two car crashes in one day! Out of curiosity, I was wondering how often this happens. What’s the average amount of car accidents each day in Utah?
Eric Schad
Dec 01, 2021
Where can I buy a non owners car insurance policy in Utah?
I live in Utah and the public transportation in my little town is not the best. I usually ride my bike around, but I am thinking about renting a car a few times a month. Where can I get an NNO policy?
Shannon Martin
Apr 29, 2021
How much is home insurance in Utah?
My grandfather told me he’s going to give me one of the homes on his property in Utah as a 30th birthday present. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to afford it. I’ve figured out most of my budget, but how much is home insurance in Utah?
Jack Walsh
Jan 28, 2022
What's the average cost of home insurance in Utah?
I'm buying a home in Park City. I want to know what the average cost of home insurance is so I don't overpay.
Shannon Martin
Apr 02, 2021
Do I need personal injury protection in Utah?
What does personal injury cover? I have health insurance, do I still have to have it on my policy?
Emily Maracle
Jul 06, 2021
Can you talk on the phone while driving in Utah?
I’m on an epic road trip to do all the great hikes in the Rockies. I just got to Salt Lake City and I’m on my way to a trail—but I forgot to tell my mom I made it safely. Can you talk on the phone while driving in Utah?
Cassandra Hamilton
Mar 17, 2022
How much is renters insurance in Utah?
I recently got a new job, so I’m finally getting ready to move out of my parents’ house. Before signing my lease, I need to purchase renters insurance. How much can I expect to pay for renters insurance in Utah?
Jack Walsh
Jan 19, 2022
How can I remove the middle seat in a Ford Expedition?
What's the easiest way to take the middle seat out of a Ford Expedition? I’m moving from Alabama to Utah and I need the extra car space to carry some furniture with me.
Hana Sabah
Dec 10, 2021
What happens if you don't carry a car insurance card in Utah?
What are the consequences for not having my proof of insurance in Utah? I lost my proof of insurance card and am worried about the consequences if I get pulled over.
Sophie Newman
Jul 21, 2021
What is the minimum car insurance requirement for Utah?
What's the minimum amount of car insurance I need in Utah? What can I use to find the cheapest rate?
Rachel Juillerat
Oct 18, 2021
How do I register a used car in Utah?
I just moved to Utah and bought a used pickup truck from a man on Craigslist. How do I register a used car in this state?
Matthew Macgugan
Oct 27, 2021
Are you allowed to drive with weed in your car in Utah?
I’m traveling to Utah to visit some friends and want to bring a little weed along to enjoy. I know Utah has some pretty strict laws. Can I travel with weed in my car in Utah?
Melanie Johnson
Feb 08, 2022
Can I drive without car insurance in Utah?
I have two cars: my Toyota Camry, which I use for work, and an old beater that I just use for the occasional back-road trip or delivery. I have a car insurance policy on the former, but I let the policy on the beater lapse because I don't really use it. Can I be fined for not having insurance on both cars?
Sophie Newman
Aug 03, 2021
How do I insure my car in a different state?
I live in Utah, but I have a cabin and a garage in Wyoming. My car spends most of its time in Wyoming, so it seems like a good idea to insure it there. Can I insure my car in a different state if it's garaged there?
Eric Schad
Oct 12, 2021
Is it illegal to not carry a license with you in Utah?
What will happen if I get pulled over or get into an accident? I frequently drive my wife's car and sometimes forget to bring my driver's license when I do.
Sophie Newman
Jul 28, 2021
What happens if I'm at fault in an accident with Utah's minimum car insurance limits?
"I have collision coverage in addition to the state minimums, but I'm not sure about the other driver. I know the damage to the other driver's car is above my property damage limit. How much will I have to pay out of pocket? Would it matter what coverage they have on their vehicle?"
Emily Maracle
May 17, 2021
How do you claim rental car insurance with a credit card?
My wife and I are going on a vacation to Utah next week. We're renting a car at the airport, and want to know the details about using the rental insurance that comes with our credit card. Can you walk us through how to get rental car insurance with a credit card?
Matthew Macgugan
Dec 06, 2021
How do you get your car back after a DUI?
I live in Salt Lake City and my car was impounded after my brother was arrested for a DUI a few days ago. How can I get my car back?
Chloe Jenkins
Nov 25, 2021
Does Budget allow you to travel out of state with a rental car?
I want to rent a car to take a road trip. I live in California and am planning to drive to Utah. Will Budget allow me to take a rental car out of state?
Emily Maracle
Aug 17, 2021
Are U-turns legal in Utah?
I’m planning on visiting a few national parks in Utah this year. But because I’ve never driven through the state, I’m a bit leery of Utah driving laws and I don’t want to get a ticket. Can I legally make a U-turn in Utah?
Eric Schad
Apr 08, 2022
How many points before your license is suspended in Utah?
I got a letter about license suspension in the mail and I’m kind of confused. I thought that Utah only suspended your license if you got 200 points or more, and I definitely haven’t gotten that many!
Liz Jenson
Apr 11, 2022
What speed is considered reckless driving in Utah?
I’m going to visit a friend in Utah next month. There are so many attractions I’d like to see, but I have a limited time to do it. As a result, I was thinking of risking a speeding ticket. But is there a certain speed that’s considered reckless driving in Utah?
Eric Schad
Apr 12, 2022
What is the driving age in Utah?
My 14-year-old daughter wants to get a learner’s permit, but we just moved to Utah and I haven’t had time to get familiar with the state’s license requirements. What’s the driving age in Utah?
Mariza Morin
Apr 13, 2022
What is the curfew for teen drivers in Utah?
My daughter just graduated from her permit to her license. We’re very excited for her, but there are still so many rules to keep track of! What time is the curfew for teen drivers in Utah?
Pat Roache
Apr 20, 2022
How many cars are in Utah?
I know that Utah is one of the fastest-growing states in the country, at least according to the latest census information. I wasn’t sure how this was transforming the state in terms of public transportation or whether everyone relies solely on their cars. How many cars are there in Utah?
Eric Schad
Apr 29, 2022
What's the best time to visit Utah?
I’ve always wanted to explore the outdoors in Utah, as well as Salt Lake City. I’ve never been out West before, though. When’s the best time to visit Utah?
Eric Schad
May 04, 2022
What are the best things to do in Zion National Park?
I’m planning a trip to the National Parks of the Western US next summer, and I don’t want to miss any must-see features. What are the best things to do in Zion National Park?
Amber Reed
May 04, 2022
What are the best things to do in Moab?
My wife and I are planning to stop in Moab, Utah near the end of our next road trip. What are some fun things we should look into while we are there?
Sean Boehme
May 05, 2022
Can I renew my driver's license online in Utah?
My Utah driver’s license is up for renewal this year, but I currently go to school in Colorado, so is there any way I can renew it online?
Macy Fouse
May 06, 2022

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