The Top 5 Indescribably Unique Bosozoku Cars

Hannah DeWitt
Dec 28, 2021 · 4 min read
We're used to hearing about celebrities pimping their cars, but none of them really come close to Bosozoku car modifications. What exactly is a Bosozoku car and how is it different from the mods we have in America?
People looking at a modified purple car with bent-out wheels
These cars are all about style, flair, and shock-value.

What exactly is a Bosozoku car?

According to Hot Cars, the term Bosozoku initially referred to a gang in Japan that would flaunt their rebelliousness by altering the motorcycles they rode around on. However, they would take those modified bikes to the extreme. 
Bosozoku gangs were known for making changes to their vehicles that were illegal or would push boundaries. Eventually, the extreme modifications transferred to cars, usually Japanese sedans.
But nowadays, you'll see all sorts of cars using the same type of exaggerated styling. It's now something of an art form, but one that sometimes has the attention of local law enforcement. 

Los Angeles-based JDM modified car 

While most Bosozoku cars are found in Japan, one Youtuber, Effspot, owns and drives one in Los Angeles. It's a Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) sports car that commands attention with its oversized front splitter. 

Lamborghini Diablo

When you think of the Bosozoku, you usually think about a Japanese sedan, but some newcomers to the art form provided extreme modifications to Lamborghini Diablos. Some of these cars are lowered to a mere inch of ground clearance, which barely allows them to drive without hitting the pavement. It also has a flared body kit and air suspension. 

Mean Machine 

Sedans aren't the only ones getting modified. In the case of the Mean Machine, it's a minivan. You would hardly notice, though, because of all the extreme purple and yellow styling overtaking the vehicle. 
There's so much going on with the exterior that it's too long to fit in the owner's garage. They actually have to fold it up at the front for it to fit, which they modified it to do. It's also pretty illegal, so the owner takes a handful of cash with them to pay the fines they incur. 

Sedan with front exhaust pipes

This sedan sports bright colors with a unique design. But, the element that stands out the most is the exhaust pipes. While they usually run along the bottom of the vehicle, this bosozoku version has them coming out of the hood. 
The pipes go above the roof of the car and extend back toward the rear of the vehicle. They tower over the large spoiler in the back as well. There are four of these pipes and two of them come up from the hood in the line of the driver's vision. 

Pink Skyline Sedan

This one is from a Japanese brand Skyline sedan that's been repainted, you guessed it, pink. Bright pink, to be exact. In this version, the owner removed the headlights and replaced them with body panels that are the same color used on the rest of the vehicle. 
It also sports a wide body kit with wide rear tires. The interior has a couple of struts in a bright yellow color, which is a stark contrast to the pink tone on the exterior.  

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