Freak Tennis Ball-Sized Hail in Alabama Caused a Car Insurance Nightmare

Chasity Sharla
· 4 min read
Car insurance
companies provide comprehensive coverage to protect against acts of nature. Acts of nature can come in many different forms such as a falling tree or, in a recent example, freakishly big tennis-ball sized hail.
is here to help you understand your options should you encounter incidents such as the recent insurance disaster
residents are currently experiencing.

The hailstorm of the century

Earlier this month, severe weather made its way through lower Alabama it brought with it hail.
tells us this was not your normal small dime-sized hail, but tennis ball hail and larger.
This not only caused hazards to the roads and people outside, but it caused major damage to homes and vehicles in the area. It was the first time since the mid-1900's that the coastal towns of Alabama had been hit with these massive-sized hailstones.
Occurring merely seven months after Hurricane Sally, the impact was devastating. After the night's storm was over there were no available rentals and the insurance companies were overwhelmed by the massive influx of claims.
Some vacationers were forced to return to their homes with major damage and seek repairs once at home.
reports the storm's average claim totaled around $4,300, causing insurance companies to flounder to cover the damages.
Is there any way to prepare for this kind of freak occurrence?
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How to protect your car in severe weather

Before severe weather is hovering overhead, protect your vehicle as best as possible. If possible, move the car under a carport completely, avoid parking under trees and tall bushes, or invest in weather-resistant vehicle covers.
Protecting your assets is the best preventive measure there is. Should you be caught in severe weather, drive slowly with lights on, until you find a safe place to wait out the weather.
Prevention is best, but should you have damage there are a few things to remember. However, there is another preventive step to take. Be sure when you obtain adequate coverage to repair or replace your vehicle when you set up your coverage. Jerry can help with
comprehensive coverage

Steps to submit a repair claim

If you do get caught in severe weather and have some damage there are a few things you need to do. First wait until the weather is past to inspect the vehicle, taking photo evidence of the damage once it is safe to do so. Copy down any details such as the date and approximate time the incident occurred, a weather report stating the severity of the storm, and the details of your agent.
With everything recorded, contact your agent as soon as possible with all the details relevant to the incident. It is important to remember to minimize damage after the incident.
Covering broken, cracked, or shattered windows as well as not driving vehicles with visible damage to important mechanical components. Do not start a vehicle if the engine has been exposed to water as extra damage that is not visible could occur.
Once in touch with your agent, they will assist you to get in contact with a repair shop and if needed and covered by your policy, a rental car. Once an initial damage estimate is obtained, your agent will get in contact with you regarding coverage, damages, and your deductible.
Once you're aware of the deductible and the estimated repair times the shop will get to work as soon as possible. From there you need to keep in contact with your agent until your car is returned to you. It is important to remember to inspect the vehicle prior to leaving the repair shop to ensure satisfactory work.

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Of course, don't forget to include comprehensive and rental car insurance for unexpected damage coverage. Making sure you’re adequately prepared for whatever Mother Nature throws as you, or your car, is very important.

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