Subaru Recalls 800,000 Cars Including Several Popular Models

Nelly Bellamy
· 4 min read
When automakers realize that a vehicle they built has a common problem, they often recall the affected models. Subaru's most recent round of recalls affects three popular Subaru models: Forester, Crosstrek, and Impreza.
According to Torque News, Subaru wants to update the engine control module (ECM) programming, replace ignition coils, and examine any loose brackets. Over time the coils could degrade and cause stalling issues or problems with starting the vehicle. A loose bracket can move around and cause damage to your car.
Receiving a recall notice on your vehicle is not the end of the world. In fact, you should think of it as
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that you don’t have to pay for. The best part is that the repairs and fixes under recall come at no cost to you.
It’s dangerous to be on the road with any of these Subaru cars that are under recall | Twenty20

Which Subaru vehicles are impacted?

Early in 2021,
Torque News
reported two separate Subaru recalls. The first car recall affects 466,205 vehicles and consists of 2017-2019 Impreza and 2018-2019 Crosstrek models. Subaru is focused on checking the ECM programming and ignition coil replacements for this recall.
The second recall affects 405,000 vehicles and consists of the 2019 Subaru Forester and 2019 Crosstrek models. This recall involves checking the rear stabilizer bracket bolts to make sure the brackets don’t come loose.
Owners of an affected vehicle should receive a recall notice in the mail with information about scheduling an appointment for repairs. It is important to have the repairs made so there’s no chance your car
leaves you stranded
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Don’t ignore the recall notice

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Some serious potential issues are behind the first recall. If left unchecked, the faulty ECM programming could continue to power the ignition coils even after the engine is turned off. This will strain the ignition coils and the electrical system that powers them.
Ultimately the strain could cause a short circuit resulting in a blown fuse and loss of electrical current to the ignition coils. In a four-cylinder engine, losing power to one ignition coil results in a 25% power loss. The vehicle could stall at highway speeds or become significantly underpowered, increasing the risk of an accident.
The second recall for the rear stabilizer bracket bolts is important as well. During the recall repair, mechanics will inspect the bolts to ensure they are properly
tightened. They will also inspect the bracket and surrounding parts for any signs of damage.

What should I do if I think my car is being recalled?

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If you purchased one of the affected Subaru models and have it registered in your name, you should receive a recall notice in the mail. If you’re not the original owner, have moved recently, or worry that your notice was lost in the mail, you can still take advantage of the recall repairs.
If you want to see if your vehicle is subject to any recalls, you can look it up online no matter what make or model you own. All you need is your vehicle identification number (VIN). It is typically located on your state-issued vehicle title and insurance verification card. It’s also visible through the windshield on the driver's side of the dash.
You can enter your VIN on the
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
website, and it will show you any unresolved recall issues from up to 15 years ago. If you find that your vehicle is under recall, the next step is to call any dealership and tell them that your vehicle is under recall. They should be able to guide you through the rest of the process and set you up with an appointment to get your vehicle repaired.
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