State Farm Changed Its Slogan Without Many People Realizing

Serena Aburahma
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A strong slogan can showcase a brand's image and stay in the minds of consumers long after a car insurance commercial ends.
State Farm
has found long-lasting success with their iconic, "Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there," slogan.
Times change, and sometimes a company has to shift its marketing to fit changes in its brand.
According to
The Pantograph
, State Farm is introducing a new slogan to their advertising that will show the company is more than just an insurance provider. Fans of the old slogan don't have to worry, though, because they still plan to use it.
Simple State Farm logo, red background with white font
State Farm is more than just an insurance company, and they want you to know that.

What is State Farm's new slogan?

After decades of being like a good neighbor, State Farm has released a new slogan. The new slogan states, "Here to help life go right." This broader slogan is intended to represent the company's expansive offerings.
While State Farm is mostly known for car and home insurance, they take pride in being much more than that.
Beyond providing protection through insurance, State Farm helps families save for college. They also are committed to improving safety on the road through new technology and studies.
The company hopes that this new slogan helps spread the message about its offerings. However, State Farm also makes it clear that they still aim to be "like a good neighbor."
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The history of State Farm's slogan

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"Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there" has been a part of State Farm's image since 1971. Yes, this catchy slogan, which has become iconic through its use in jingles, has been around for 50 years.
By positioning themselves as a "neighbor", State Farm has portrayed itself as the company that clients call when they need help. In the event of a fire or theft, someone might call a neighbor for assistance. State Farm has sought to be that neighbor.
They are committed to continuing to be that neighbor too. For State Farm, insurance will always be a primary goal of the brand, it’s just not the only thing it offers.

The future of the company’s marketing

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If you have seen a State Farm commercial lately, you may have already seen, "Here to help life go right" without noticing. New State Farm commercials emphasize the additional services that the company wants to promote. Their insurance options are still prominently featured, though.
Outside their slogan, their commercials have seen slight shifts in recent years as well.
The most famous of these has been relaunching their famous Jake from State Farm character. Originally only featured in a single commercial, Jake is now portrayed by a different actor and plays a wider role in their ads.
State Farm's new slogan as well as the overall shift in the direction of their advertising show how companies are evolving with the times. As State Farm becomes more than just an insurance provider, they want a slogan that represents that.
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