What's on the Way for Volvo's Next-Generation EV Batteries?

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
Volvo has a well-deserved reputation for building cars with excellent
NHTSA safety ratings
. Volvo's excellence in safety not only gives drivers peace of mind but safer cars also mean lower
insurance rates
The Swedish automaker has committed to focusing on
electric vehicles
(EVs). Volvo is working on a lot of exciting developments, especially with battery technology, that will help their cars stand out.
Volvo is committed to an electric future

Current electric vehicles from Volvo

Volvo released its first electric compact SUV earlier this year: the Volvo XC40 Recharge. Like any automaker entering the EV space, they will be competing with
. Volvo models will have to compete with other EVs on things like battery performance, safety, and cost.
The 2021 Volvo XC40 Recharge starts at $53,990 while the Tesla Model Y costs $52,990. Volvo has recently rolled out the Concept Recharge and revealed the company’s plans for EVs.
Volvo is hoping to develop technological advancements in battery production, computing power, infotainment, and safety, according to
Car and Driver
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Volvo partnered with Northvolt to improve EV batteries

While most EV manufacturers are looking to China for battery partners, Volvo is staying in Sweden. They’ve partnered with Northvolt to develop better EV batteries, as reported by Car and Driver.
The two companies hope to produce batteries that have 50% more charging capacity and charge in half the time compared to today's standard EV battery. Volvo and Northvolt want to produce batteries using only renewable energy and to recycle as much material from old batteries as possible. The new and improved batteries are expected to be available by the mid-2020s.
Volvo's future EV lineup will include another exciting feature: bidirectional charging. Bidirectional charging is still being developed, but it would allow you to use the car battery to power your house. If electricity costs are more expensive during periods of peak demand, in theory, you could use your car battery for power instead.

Other Volvo plans for the future

By 2025, Volvo plans to have 50% of its sales from EVs, per Car and Driver. By 2030, they expect their entire lineup to be electric. Eventually, Volvo hopes to bring design, development, and production of EV components, including batteries, motors, and software, in-house.
Future Volvo EVs will have also have a new computing system. Volvo announced a new core computing system they developed with NVIDIA that will enhance the safety of its vehicles. The system will be coupled with VolvoCars.OS and include features that minimize distracted driving.
Volvo plans to continue its reputation of safety with autonomous driving systems for its cars. Their current cars are equipped with Lidar sensors that help the car visualize the environment around it. With the owner's permission, data from these sensors will be submitted to Volvo headquarters so cars can receive over-the-air updates more quickly.

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