The New Zero FXE Motorcycle

Carlos Kirby
· 4 min read
Indeed, the new Zero FXE motorcycle is a lithe urban commuter among heavier, longer-range, more expensive electric motorcycle competitors. It also confirms that Zero has not taken a break on its laurels as a leading electric
The more premium end of the market was the target for the company's last few launches of new models. These included the SR/S and SR/F electric motorcycles. That is not the case with the Zero FXE because it focuses on the entry-level end of the market.
The new Zero FXE is the lowest-cost highway-capable electric motorcycle out there.

What's new with the Zero FXE Motorcycle

First, understand that the Zero FXE is built on essentially a similar platform as the Zero FXS. As much as that is the case, the FXE has several new updates.
One such update is replacing the dated display on the FXS with a color screen from the SR/S and SR/F, which provides riders with a much more elegant interface. The screen ties into the bike's Cypher II operating system, thereby fast-tracking the FXE into the 2020s.
Additionally, it presents a much nicer light cluster that gives the FXE an improved countenance; replacing the dual bug-eyed headlights from the FXS. Besides all that, the most significant update on the FXE is the design, which helps cement the urban capabilities of the FX line.
The FXE is also the lowest cost highway-capable electric motorcycle in the U.S., but it may face competition from an influx of new models. The best use of the FXE is urban commuting, but it can also hop on the highway.
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The specifications

Zero's Z-Force 75.5 air-cooled brushless motor powers the FXE. Its output is 46 hp and 78 lb-ft of torque. That is bountiful output for a bike that weighs less than 300 pounds. The brand suggests that its 7.2 kWh lithium-ion battery pack can provide up to 100 miles of range in city riding.
That is twice as much as the outgoing FXS. Also, the FXE uses a five-inch TFT display. The display is a more refined version of LCD optimized for outdoor use. Zero Motorcycles' proprietary Cypher II OS and Bluetooth connectivity are also available in the FXE.
These features allow a rider to control things like battery management, torque, and top speed through the brand's smartphone app. The bike's seat height is 32.9 inches, its charging time is 9.2 hours, and it costs $11,795 before state and federal tax incentives.
That price is a bit higher than the FXS, thanks to the new updates on the FXE. It is also worth mentioning that the FXE has a top speed of 85 mph, which is good for just about any road you can ride on at legal speeds.

What to expect with the electric motorcycle

The FXE appears futuristic, which most individuals want in an electric motorcycle used for today's commuters. Both the design and weight of this particular bike prioritize the needs of urban riders.
That explains why the FXE stands a better chance at piquing the interest of most commuter-style riders seeking a clean, low-maintenance electric motorcycle with lots of power beneath it.
The motor also offers a rewarding electric whine while spinning up. According to
, that is contrary to the common misconception that electric motorcycles are "silent." As such, the FXE may not be loud, but the auditory experience it offers is undoubtedly exciting.
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