Professional MMA Fighter Teaches Car Thief a Brutal Lesson

Alex Healey
· 3 min read
According to the FBI, about 750,000 cars are
reported stolen
in the U.S. each year, with a little over half ever recovered. With this many
stolen cars
, drivers would be wise to consider installing an
anti-theft device
, but one Colorado man has a different solution.
That man? Professional MMA fighter Jordan Williams, who recently caught a hapless thief trying to drive away in his car, and served up some street justice.
Trying to steal a car from an MMA fighter probably isn’t the best idea.

What happened to the car thief?

As reported by
MMA Fighting
, UFC welterweight Jordan Williams had stopped into a convenience store, when an opportunistic thief hopped into his unlocked and still-running car.
Williams was leaving the store as he noticed his vehicle begin to reverse out of the spot, and he wasted no time in sprinting over.
Fortunately for Williams, the driver-side door was still unlocked, and the car was moving slowly enough that he could grab hold of the thief, before unleashing a brutal volley of fists and knees.
Security footage shows the 30-year old fighter pulling the criminal out of the car, before allowing him to stumble away.
After sharing the video on instagram, Williams wrote: "Wish I would of hit him with the trip after the clinch work when I tossed him out of the whip, and finish off with some ground and pound but I’ll settle with getting my car back."
While being a victim of
car theft
is infuriating, it’s probably better that Williams didn’t pursue the car thief further, for both of their sakes.
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How to prevent your car from being stolen

Let’s be real here, not many of us can rely on brute force when it comes to stopping a would-be car thief. Besides, most cars are stolen from
dimly lit, low-traffic areas
, minimizing the chance of catching a criminal in the act.
Williams’ first mistake was leaving his car unlocked with the engine running. Simply shutting off the engine and locking the door would have been enough to dissuade this particular thief.
So when it comes to
preventing auto theft
, take basic precautions like winding up your windows and locking the doors before walking away.
Also, consider installing an anti-theft device on your vehicle. These include traditional alarm systems, brake locks, and in modern times, smart keys, which have to be present in order for the car to start.
Going a step further, you can install a tracking system on your car, to know its location at all times.
While this may seem excessive, each additional layer of security will give you greater peace of mind, and can help reduce your insurance premiums too.

What type of insurance covers car theft?

The only type of insurance that covers car theft, or damages caused by a break-in, is
comprehensive insurance
Many drivers have the idea that comprehensive coverage is outrageously expensive, but it really doesn’t have to be.
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This way, you can quickly identify which provider is offering the best coverage for the lowest price.
While it’s true that a comprehensive policy will be more expensive than just carrying your state’s mandatory minimum, it will definitely be cheaper than paying to replace a stolen vehicle.

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