Does Lightning McQueen from ‘Cars’ Have Car Insurance or Life Insurance?

Lisa Steuer McArdle
· 4 min read
It’s obviously one of the most important questions of our time. Does Lightning McQueen, the race car character from the Cars movies, have car insurance or life insurance?
Since we are car insurance experts here at Jerry who work hard to get you the best quotes, we just had to consider this question. Because in a world that’s full of autonomous cars, who exactly is insuring them?
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Lightning McQueen and ‘Cars’ background

If you’re a parent forced to watch Disney movies like Cars repeatedly, you can’t help but ponder these type of questions sometimes—maybe it’s just a way for the brain to find something new to think about during the 1,000th viewing of the movie.
If you don’t have kids and haven’t been lucky enough to be treated to daily viewings of Cars for years, here’s what it’s all about. The premise is a world where just vehicles exist—vehicles who work, live, talk to each other, and have relationships and jobs. It’s an extremely popular Pixar franchise that includes three movies.
If you think about it long enough, the Cars universe leaves us with many questions—don’t get us started on Cars 2, which includes a car pope. Do these cars have a religion? Do they have wars?!
But, let’s stick with the question at hand—what kind of insurance might Lightning McQueen have?

Lightning McQueen and car insurance

Clearly in the Cars universe, the cars break down and someone fixes them (or someTHING fixes them? What’s the proper way to refer to self-aware cars?).
In Cars 3 SPOILER ALERT Lightning McQueen gets into his bad accident that almost takes him out of racing.
But just who is fixing these cars when they get in accidents? Clearly there are no people in this world of cars, so there are no mechanics or anything like we have.
In the first movie, Lightning McQueen’s mentor and legendary race car Doc Hudson is a "doctor of internal combustion." We see a sign indicating this on his business, and at one point in the movie he is working on the Sheriff, who is on a lift.
Lightning McQueen’s girlfriend Sally also remarks that Doc fixed her after she broke down near the town of Radiator Springs.
This leads us to believe that in the Cars universe, vehicles like Doc Hudson who fix other cars are basically like doctors—and that a car breaking down in the Cars world is equivalent to a human getting sick or hurt.

Special insurance for Lightning McQueen and race cars

But to make matters even more complicated, Lightning McQueen is a race car. This puts him at a much greater risk for accidents and breakdowns.
One might assume, then, that Lightning McQueen and other race cars would need a special kind of insurance for that line of work.
We’ve all heard stories about famous people and athletes who supposedly have had body parts or other crazy things insured. According to
Business Insider
, Bruce Springsteen insured his vocal cords for $6 million, while David Beckham insured his legs for $70 million.
So perhaps Lightning McQueen and his fellow race cars can insure their individual car parts.

Commercial, liability and life insurance for Lightning McQueen

Our conclusion: the type of insurance that Lightning McQueen has depends on how insurance works in the Cars universe—if they even have insurance. But let’s look at it in terms of how
car insurance
works for us.
Racing is Lightning McQueen’s occupation, so he may have a
commercial car insurance
policy. He wouldn’t qualify for a personal car insurance policy if he is using the insurance for his career. A commercial car insurance policy is for when a car is mainly used for business.
Since Lightning McQueen’s body and engine are equivalent to a person’s body and organs, we think he probably has health insurance for every day and a commercial or general
policy for his race car career.
After all, in our world, liability car insurance provides protection to other drivers on the road when you’re at fault in an accident—and maybe it would work the same way in the Cars universe.
Finally, Lightning McQueen might have life insurance if he wants to start a family. That brings us to another question—where do baby cars come from?
That’s a whole different article to tackle on another day.
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