‘House of Gucci’: The Cars From the Movie

Andrew Koole
· 3 min read
The fashion dynasty that is Gucci is synonymous with extravagance. And so no film about the famous Italian family would be complete without a few scenes highlighting the country’s
luxury car
At least in his area, House of Gucci, the new film starring Lady Gaga and Adam Driver, does not disappoint. The movie might not be loved by all the critics, but it’s a visual feast for
car enthusiasts
Italian supercars make their obligatory entrances in the film, along with a few models from German and American brands. The inclusion of these impressive vehicles is no accident. The Gucci family history crosses paths with the automotive industry on more than one occasion. 
Look out for a Lamborghini Countach in ‘House of Gucci’.

Automotive highlights in ‘House of Gucci’

The first car in House of Gucci to get attention from the press fit the aura of the story perfectly. The
Lamborghini Countach
driven by Driver’s character Maurizio Gucci set off quite a blast of posts from car bloggers when it was featured in the film’s trailer.
But a deeper dive into the press for the movie reveals that the Countach isn’t the only classic Italian car to make an appearance. Photos taken of the set show the two stars stepping into what looks like a red 1983 Fiat Spider.
The trailer also showed glimpses of a few vehicles made outside of Europe’s boot including a Mercedes Heckflosse Benz, a Lincoln Continental limousine, and what
identified as a Porsche 968.
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Gucci collaborations with car companies

Even after the drama that inspired the film, Gucci remained a powerful status symbol. The company’s insignia has been licensed for a wide range of products to make them look expensive. 
So it’s shocking to learn that the company’s first collaboration with an automaker was with the American Motor Company (
)—the brand that brought us the Gremlin. 
says AMC reached out to the Italian leather goods manufacturer in 1970 to design a special edition interior for its Hornet Sportabout. The partnership inspired Gucci to offer an aftermarket interior for Cadillac Sevilles from 1976 to 1984.
After the Seville years, Gucci-designed car interiors didn’t return until 2011, when the company returned home to create a
special edition
of the Fiat 500.

Owning a Fiat 500 by Gucci

Adding the Gucci badge to your Fiat 500 bumped the price of the car up considerably, but it was still much more affordable than you might guess. 
In 2013, the last year of the collaboration between the two classic Italian brands, the car’s $16,200 starting price bumped up to $24,500 for the couture interior.
Prices for these cars have come down considerably. The average price for the special edition Fiat online is about $7,000. Average
car insurance
rates for a Fiat 500 from this year are about $60 a month. 
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