Don't Leave These Items in a Hot Car

Jane Lu
· 3 min read
It's a well-known fact that we shouldn't leave animals or humans in a hot car by themselves. This is especially true for the young and elderly, but many people fail to realize that there are
certain items
that can be dangerous to leave in a hot car.
Here are some things you shouldn’t leave in a car during the summer, according to
Capital Insurance Group
Try not to leave food or drinks in your car

How hot can a car get?

Before we get into the details about which items you need to take indoors, let's talk about just how hot a car can get. Anyone with leather seats knows the pain of sitting on them with shorts after the car’s been in the sun for a while.
The interior of a car can heat up with surprising speed, even in temperatures we consider to be mild. According to the Weather Channel, "When the outside temperature is 90 degrees, the interior of your car can reach 109 degrees after 10 minutes and a staggering 124 degrees after only 30 minutes."
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Skin products and medications

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Sunscreen protects you against UV rays, but it can be ruined if you leave it in a hot car. Extreme heat can change its composition and reduce its overall effectiveness. This means that the product you’re applying might not protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.
Makeup is another example of a skin product that shouldn't be left in the car. Products like lipstick and concealer can melt and become a gooey mess that you have to clean up. It certainly won't feel good when applied, so try to keep it in your purse.
It's common to leave a bottle of Tylenol or Advil in the car in case you get a headache while driving. While that's fine during the winter months, during the summer, the extreme temperatures can alter the compounds in the medicine, and it won't be as effective. This goes for prescription medications as well.

Aerosol cans

This can apply to a wide range of products. From hair spray to air freshener, many people keep sprays in their cars for convenience. This is one of the most dangerous products to store in a hot car.
If aerosol cans are exposed to temperatures over 120 degrees, the pressure could cause them to explode. It’s best to take these out of the car if you’re not using them.

Food and beverages

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Many products can handle higher temperatures but beverages aren't one of them. Take wine for example; anything over 78 degrees can ruin the composition and complexity. Any beverages you get should either be kept in a cooler or taken straight to your destination.
Food is another example of something you shouldn't leave in the car. Anything left in 90-degree temperatures for more than an hour should never be consumed. Given that the temperature in the car greatly rises above 90, you should toss any food left in the car, even if it's only been an hour.
Taking these items out of your car will help ensure it stays clean and safe to drive. You’ll also want to make sure you have adequate car insurance to keep you safe on the road. If you want to find cheap car insurance,
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