Dallas Resident Launching Investigation After Car Stolen Twice

Aleena Juarez
· 4 min read
Car theft
is not only frustrating, but costly. In 2019, it accounted for $6.4 billion in losses. Anti-theft technology is getting better, but cars are still frequently being stolen.
This can be especially tragic when a vehicle is stolen from you after you’ve spent weeks or months searching and saving for it. That’s what happened to a
resident twice in 90 days.
Getting your car stolen is a frustrating experience | Twenty20

Dallas resident had two Corvettes stolen

Dallas resident Melissa Anderson had her 2018 Corvette Z06 stolen from her apartment building this year, according to
The Drive
. She lived in the Amli Design District near Stemmons Freeway, and thought her car would be protected because there was a security camera looking right at it. Yet it wasn't enough, and her beloved car was stolen.
Anderson worked hard to save money and bought a replacement Z06 a few weeks later. She was devastated when it was stolen again from the same apartment building. Anderson is a self-professed car enthusiast, and having her car stolen not once but twice was unspeakable.
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Anderson had another bad experience with her second Corvette

When Anderson's first car was stolen, she reported it to the police and then her insurance company. Things didn't go that well, however. According to Anderson, "I've never gotten even a speeding ticket or made a claim on my insurance. The insurance adjuster treated me like a criminal; it took two months to get paid."
Anderson was able to use the money to buy a second vehicle. This time, she took extra precautions, such as using a secure car cover that was hard to cut. Anderson used a braided wire with two master locks to secure the cover.
She had plans to add in a
kill switch
and LoJack, but the car was stolen before she could. Before her second car arrived, Anderson saw someone hanging around the garage with a tow truck that didn’t have a license plate or branding. She realized that all the stolen cars were being broken into, put in neutral, and towed out.
A few weeks after she received her new Corvette, this time, the thieves used a programmed key to steal the car. The OnStar and other tech that could track the car was immediately ripped out. There were over 11 vehicles stolen, none of which have been recovered.
According to Anderson, the apartment building has done nothing. They haven't sent out any announcements, and don't seem to be taking the situation seriously. Because of this, Anderson is seeking to move as soon as her lease is up, and decided to launch her own investigation.

What should you do if your vehicle is stolen?

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While you’re reading Anderson's story, it's easy to assume that this will never happen to you. Sadly, this may not be the case. Car thefts are not reserved for the big cities and can happen anywhere. That's why you need to know what to do if your vehicle is stolen.
The first step you need to take is to call the police and file a report. This will help them get started on looking for your car, although there’s no guarantee they'll recover it.
Next, call your insurance agent. You'll need a list of the personal items that were in the car which were stolen as well. If you have
comprehensive insurance
, the stolen car will likely be covered. You will have to file a claim under homeowners or renters insurance to receive compensation for personal items.
Lastly, contact your lender if you are still making payments on the car. They will have to work directly with your insurance company. In the event that your car is recovered, you should take it to an auto body shop for inspection. It's possible that your car parts were stolen, and there may be pieces missing.
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