The Aston Martin Victor Is So Rare You’ve Probably Never Seen It

Carlos Kirby
Dec 21, 2021 · 4 min read
The Aston Martin Victor is what you might call a Frankenstein car, but that's not a bad thing in this case. If you've never heard of this luxury car, there's a reason for that. It's a very rare one-off that combines engineering from Aston Martin's One-77, Vulcan, and Valkyrie into something truly unique--even more unique than these Aston Martin children's cars
A silver Aston Martin Vulcan drifting across a racetrack.
The Aston Martin Victor is a cross-engineering marvel.

What makes the Aston Martin Victor so rare?

When we say that the Aston Martin Victor is truly unique, we mean it. There's only one in existence. And no one knows exactly who the owner is.
According to MotorTrend, word on the street is that it belongs to an avid Belgian car collector who surely paid multiple millions of dollars for the privilege of owning such a rare car.
Just what makes the car so unique? Mainly, it's the engineering that went into combining three other Aston Martin vehicles into a new, previously unheard-of model. 
To create the Victor, Aston Martin made use of a low-mileage carbon-fiber monocoque and a V-12 engine from a One-77 prototype. It also incorporated many aspects of the Vulcan into the vehicle. (You may recall the Vulcan as the 24-build track-only model that the manufacturer sold in 2016.)
And then there were the taillights borrowed from the Valkyrie hypercar. All in all, Victor is a car that is truly unlike any other. 

How do the car's specs stack up?

This "Frankenstein" design, it must be said, brings a lot of improvements to the original design of the One-77 prototype on which it's based. For starters, the 12-cylinder Victor engine comes with a whopping 836 hp and 614 lb-ft of torque.
With those kinds of specs, it's obvious that this car is truly a beast, especially when you compare them to the One-77's 750 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque, which, we have to admit, weren't too shabby to start with. 
Another advantage that the Victor boasts over the One-77 engine is that its engine mates to what MotorTrend calls a "proper six-speed manual transmission instead of the One-77's six-speed automatic unit (with paddle shifters)."

What's the history of the Aston Martin Victor? 

The Aston Martin Victor is what MotorTrend calls an "an unabashed nod to the V8 Vantage of the 1970s and '80s." 
Named for Victor Gauntlett, Aston's executive chairman when the V8 Vantage was the Aston Martin's core model, the Victor also shows influences in its body design of the RHAM/1 racer called "The Muncher. " This was built to compete at Le Mans in 1977 and 1979.

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