4 Least Costly Cities for Commuting in 2021

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Serena Aburahma
Updated on Jun 27, 2022 · 3 min read
With many people heading back into the office recently, you may be dreading your daily commute again. You're not alone in this. The commute to work not only costs you time but also causes you to lose out on financial gains.
Specifically, for the time you lose actually working, but also in other ways, such as tolls and vehicle maintenance. Insurance can also get expensive unless you’ve got some
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Not surprisingly, states in the South and Midwest have the least costly commutes across the US, with Tulsa, Oklahoma coming in as the least costly city. If you want to have some
financial gains
and help the planet, consider getting a hybrid or completely electric vehicle.
Even if you don’t live in the 4 cities that are the cheapest cities to commute in, there are a few great ways you can reduce the cost of your commute.

How much does your commute cost you?

Researchers from
Lending Tree
created a unique way to determine the opportunity cost of the average person's commute.
They took this method and applied it to top cities around the country using data such as average commute time, the median salary for each city, and the average number of hours worked by employees. This led them to be able to determine the opportunity cost of each city's commute.
If you didn’t have a commute and now do, the financial impact may be more than you think. Commuting costs are relative to each individual and can vary depending on many factors, but thankfully there are online websites that can be used to calculate almost any car expense.

Cheapest cities to drive in

Nine out of 10 cities that ranked in the lowest opportunity cost for commuting were either in the Midwest or South. These regions tend to have shorter commute times, lower populations (which leads to less traffic on the road), and lower median earnings.
The least costly commute is found in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where the average round trip is only 37 minutes and the opportunity cost is only $3,255 per year.
Which is a huge difference when looking at the city that ranked highest in commuting costs, Fremont, CA, at 73 minutes of commuting per day and an annual opportunity cost of $15,065.
Tulsa is followed by Toledo, Ohio, and Wichita, Kansas in the ranking for the lowest cost to commute.
Toledo residents enjoy an average daily commute of just 40 minutes and their commute only costs them a yearly average of $3,348. While in Wichita, the cost of commuting averages at $3,431 per year, and the daily commute time is 38 minutes.

Ways to lower your commute costs

If working remotely isn't an option anymore, there are still several other ways to lower your cost to commute to the office.
If you live in a city where public transportation is available, you could always go that route. But if the idea of sitting for extended periods of time with strangers doesn't sound appealing to you, you could also look into lowering your vehicle maintenance costs.
Lowering your insurance premiums is a great way to lower your commute costs. Let
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