1983 Toyota Land Cruiser: FJ60s Are Still Cheaper Than FJ40s

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Hannah DeWitt
Updated on Apr 27, 2022 · 4 min read
Land Cruiser was part of a shift toward SUVs, a new kind of working vehicle when it was introduced in the ‘60s. Early Land Cruisers are big, durable cars mostly meant to get from Point A to Point B. Though they lack the finesse and handling that are expected in today’s cars, the model has a certain
feel to it that many find attractive.
According to
, prices for 1983 Land Cruiser FJ60s are on the rise. However, they still don’t surpass sale prices for the 1983 FJ40s.
You can still snag an FJ60 for less than an FJ40 even though prices are on the rise.

The 1983 FJ60 vs. 1983 FJ40

The two models are similar in shape and build, though the FJ60 is larger. The FJ40’s more compact size suits its utilitarian purposes, and it’s meant to be driven on and
, according to
Motor Trend
The first model of the FJ40 was introduced in 1960 and was actively manufactured until 1983. It slightly resembles a Jeep Wrangler, with its large wheels and boxier shape. The four-speed 1983 FJ40 had a 4.2-liter I-6 engine with 135 horsepower and 210 lb-ft of torque, which is average, if not a bit below.
Its 8.3 inches of ground clearance give it a good feel off-road, and the small wheelbase gives it a small turning radius. However, neither car is renowned for its handling or speed. Land Cruisers were made to be used for hard work, so smooth high-speed driving and low gas mileage are not their forte.
The four-door 1983 FJ60 was also a 4WD with a 4.2-liter 2F OHV engine with extremely low gas mileage. The car only averages up to 12 mpg, and the engine puts out the same horsepower and torque as the FJ40. Acceleration is also lacking in the FJ60, taking 14 seconds to reach 60 mph.
The FJ60 was designed more as a passenger vehicle, featuring less cramped seating than the FJ40, and capable of seating five to seven people. The trunk was also much more spacious, though the larger and longer size makes off-roading a bit more difficult.

How much cheaper are FJ60s than FJ40s?

Prices for the FJ60 have been rising in the last five years, more dramatically in the last three. FJ60s in median 2-condition (what Hagerty specifies as “Excellent” shape) have increased by 104% in value over the last five years. 
Over the last three years, their value has increased by 66%. From September 2019 to January 2020 alone, FJ60s that are near-mint, labeled as “Concours” or median 1-condition, have increased in value by 23%.
Those same “Concours” FJ60s are now worth over $50,000, and those in “Excellent” condition are worth $29,800. However, there’s still nearly a $10,000 gap between prices for FJ60s and FJ40s in the “Concours” and “Excellent” categories.

FJ60s are rising in popularity

The rising popularity of the FJ60 may have something to do with its nostalgic impact. Millennials and Gen-Xers make up the majority of buyers seeking the classic FJ60s. Hagerty believes that this is because the car was popular when the generations were kids, and their parents likely owned one in the past.
Insurance quotes for FJ60s have been rising in the last three years along with their prices, climbing 49%. Millennials and Gen-Xers together make up 90% of that statistic, each claiming 45% of insurance quotes on 1981-1989 FJ60s.
Though the rising prices don’t seem to be slowing down, 1983 FJ60s have a ways to go before they catch up to the cost of 1983 FJ40s.
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