1 Simple Trick To Save Gas Will Also Make You a Safer Driver

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We all know that slowing down and minding speed limits makes you a safer driver. But did you know that it can also help you save gas?
If recent trips to the pump have you sweating—and not just from the heat—you’re not alone. Gas prices are incredibly high this summer, even by the season’s standards. Refinery troubles and pipeline hacks bumped prices up already in late winter and early spring, giving the regular Memorial Day boost an unfortunate head start.
To help drivers improve gas mileage, Consumer Reports (CR) recently listed 10 tips to save gas. Obeying speed limits came in at number four.
Cars driving on a highway with a 35 mph speed limit sign in view and a glass pedestrian bridge overhead.
Driving the speed limit is good for your wallet and safety.

How does slowing down save gas?

At first, it might seem strange that driving slowly would use less fuel than getting to your destination faster by speeding. But the data shows that the sweet spot for fuel efficiency coincidentally coincides with the average highway speed limits.
Consumer Reports tested fuel efficiency with two vehicles, a Nissan Altima and a Toyota RAV4. For both, CR started testing at 55 mph. Increasing speed to 65 mph hiked fuel consumption by 6 mpg in the Altima and 8 mpg in the RAV4. Jumping from 65 mph to 75 increased consumption by 7 mpg in the Altima and 6 mpg in the RAV4.
Maintaining 55 mph on the highway might be frustrating, but it clearly helps limit trips to the gas station. And by improving safety, slowing down can save you money in more ways than one.
Obeying speed limits is the most obvious way to simultaneously improve gas mileage and road safety, but it’s not the only way the two are related. At least two other gas-saving tips listed by CR could improve your driving habits.
The consumer watchdog also suggests minimizing travel to save on gas. An easy way to do this is to plan your trips ahead of time and include as much into one outing as possible. Planning ahead will minimize spur-of-the-moment decision-making, which will free up brain space to focus more on driving than on where you’re going.
CR also suggests that you keep your tire pressure up to improve gas mileage. Maintaining proper tire pressure can also prevent car accidents and roadside stops.

More ways safe driving can save you money

Improving your driving can save you money on nearly every expense related to owning a car. By slowing down and paying more attention while you drive, you decrease the wear and tear on your car, avoid accidents, and keep your driving record clear of tickets.
Slowing down and paying attention can also help you save on car insurance. A clean driving record is a sure-fire way to lower your rates, and most providers have telematics programs to reward their well-behaved customers with discounts.
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