What You Need to Know About Termites in North Dakota

North Dakota is home to the destructive Eastern subterranean termite, known for damaging man-made structures.
Written by Payton Ternus
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
The Eastern subterranean termite calls
North Dakota
home, damaging homes across the Peace Garden State in areas like Bismarck and Fargo.
As a homeowner in North Dakota, you’ll need to brush up on termite 101: identifying termite infestations, the times of year to expect swarms, and what you should do if termites are found in your home.
No one wants to deal with termite troubles, but homeowners in North Dakota need to stay vigilant against these pests. If early warning signs aren’t caught soon enough, a termite infestation can inflict thousands of dollars worth of damage to your home. Fortunately,
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made a guide for everything you need to know about termites in North Dakota. 
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How to tell if you have a termite infestation

Termites can wreak havoc on a home seamlessly because they’re often easy to miss. An infestation of these pests can easily eat away at the walls of your home for months before you notice there’s a problem.
You can prevent serious damage from occurring to your home by recognizing the early warning signs of a termite infestation. Here are the common signs you should watch out for that indicate termite activity is happening in your house:
  • Droppings:
    , or termite droppings, will appear to look like small piles of salt and pepper or sawdust.
  • Discarded wings: Worker termites do not have wings, but reproductive termites do have them. If you discover discarded wings in your home, particularly around window sills, you may have a termite infestation on your hands.
  • Hollow-sounding walls: Go knock on your home’s walls and other wooden structures. You might have termites if you hear an odd hollow sound.
  • Mud tubes: The top sign of subterranean termites, the main kind of termite found in North Dakota, is the narrow mud tunnels they build along house foundations to gain entry.
More typical signs of termite infestations include bubbling or peeling paint, tiny round holes in drywall, and swollen floors or walls.

Are termites a problem in North Dakota?

Termites are still a problem in North Dakota, but states with a colder, drier climate typically have limited termite exposure. The farther north you go in the U.S., the less likely severe infestations will be as indicated by the U.S. Forest Service
Most termite infestations occur during warmer weather. This doesn’t mean termites aren’t active at all during the winter, especially if the region has a more moderate climate. 
If you’re a homeowner in North Dakota, you’ll need to learn about termites to be responsible. There is one main species of termite present in North Dakota: the Eastern subterranean termite.

Eastern subterranean termites

Eastern subterranean termites are the dominant termite species in North Dakota, and the most common kind of termite in the U.S. They are easier to find since they are larger than other termite species, measuring at around 10 millimeters.
Eastern subterranean termites prefer to swarm in the daytime during the springtime, from March through May. They have a preference for the warmer weather after winter but have the potential to be active year-round.

What to do if you have termites

Notice some telltale signs of a termite infestation? Luckily you have a few options to get rid of these pests.
There are three options for professional termite solutions:
  • Bait stations: Exterminators leave out small plastic containers around the outside of your house to attract and kill termites. It’s the least disruptive and invasive method of the three, but it can take months to work. 
  • Liquid pesticide barrier: Pest control will dig a trench around your home’s perimeter and apply a long-lasting chemical moat of termiticide to kill any termites, especially subterranean species, that try to cross it. 
  • Fumigation: Exterminators cover the whole house with a tent, then pump gas inside the house to kill the termites living in the building. The whole household, including pets, will need to stay out of the home for at least 24 hours after the fumigation. This is the best option for more severe infestations.

How to find affordable homeowners insurance

In most cases, your homeowners insurance policy will not cover damage caused by termites. The best way to protect your home against infestations is to make yourself familiar with the warning signs and catch them early on.
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Homes in North Dakota are at a higher risk for termite infestations during the warmer months, but compared to the rest of the U.S. the risk is lower. The areas of North Dakota at higher risk are Bismarck, Dickinson, Fargo, West Fargo, Williston, Grand Forks, Minot, Jamestown, and Mandan.
You should keep any sources of wood away from your home, and schedule routine inspections annually.
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