How Much Does a Pre-Drywall Inspection Cost?

A pre-drywall inspection costs between $100 and $300 on average. Check out our list of the best pre-drywall inspection providers!
Written by Katherine Duffy
Reviewed by Melanie Reiff
Updated on Oct 04, 2022
A pre-drywall inspection costs around $100 to $300 on average, but this cost can fluctuate depending on where you live. This inspection service isn’t legally required, but it’s highly recommended. 
Building your own home is an exciting achievement—you can create the home of your dreams with as many amenities and customizations as you want! But, home building can sometimes be as stressful as it is exciting. Sometimes wiring can go wrong, walls can end up looking wonky, and your flooring may not be as straight as you’d hoped. 
That’s why pre-drywall inspections exist—to catch any mistakes made before insulating and drywalling your home, no matter how small. Interested in learning more about pre-drywall inspections? You’ve come to the right place. 
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How much does a pre-drywall inspection cost? 

A pre-drywall inspection typically costs between $100 and $300. The final cost depends on a few different factors: 
  • Home size: Just like most home inspections, a pre-drywall inspection cost will usually reflect your home’s size and value. Bigger, more valuable homes cost more to inspect. 
  • Location: While pre-drywall inspections don’t fluctuate too much between states, you’ll end up paying more for this service in states with higher costs of living, such as
    New York
While your pre-drywall inspection is important, it’s only part of a long series of inspections your new home will go through before the walls finally go up. You should never skip your pre-drywall inspection to save money. This critical service ensures there are no problems with key systems like your plumbing and wiring before the insulation and drywall are installed, saving you time and money down the road. 
Wondering just how much money it'll save you? Here’s a breakdown of the typical cost to fix these essential systems:
Type of problem
Average cost
$500 to $4000
$275 to $3000
Electrical System
$700 to $15,000
$100 to $13,000
$170 to $700
$100 to $10,000
$2000 to $10,000
$10,000 to $50,000
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Do I need a pre-drywall inspection? 

While pre-drywall inspections aren’t required by law, you won’t regret hiring a professional inspector for this service, especially if the inspector ends up identifying an issue. These inspections allow you to fix any identified problems while all of the crucial structural elements of your home are still exposed
Let’s take a closer look at what will be looked at during a typical pre-drywall inspection: 

The plumbing system 

Your inspector will typically assess whether there are any leaks, if the draining angles are correct, if there’s any damage to the framing, or if there are any water temperature concerns. 

The HVAC system

Usually, your inspector will take a careful look at your heating, cooling, ventilation, and air conditioning systems. 

The wiring 

Your inspector will make sure that electrical outlets and boxes throughout the house are in the right location, that the ground wire is connected to the grounding rod, that all outlets are working, and that your ceiling fans and cable box wires are wired correctly. 

The floor and walls 

Your inspector will assess whether the floorboard joints are correctly built, the foundation and walls are correctly positioned in relation to the floor tiles, and whether the floor matches your plan. They’ll also make sure your walls are even and completely sealed from the inside out. 

What to do before a pre-drywall inspection

A pre-drywall inspection is a great way to ensure your home is problem-free when going forward with your insulation and drywall, but there are a few things you should do to prepare for this crucial step in your home-building process. 

Take photos 

Before your pre-drywall inspection takes place, you should take photos of all of the exposed walls. You’ll thank yourself when your house is finished and it’s time to hang pictures, wall fixtures, or even a TV! You’ll know exactly what’s behind your walls so you can avoid drilling into wiring or other important components of your house. 
Have a printed or downloadable file of your home plan ready for your pre-drywall inspector to cross reference while they complete their inspection, just in case they don’t ask for it in advance. This way, the inspector can ensure that not only everything is correct — it also matches your floor plan. 

Consider hiring a third party 

Your home builder will conduct their own inspections to make sure everything’s up to code, but you should consider hiring a third-party inspector for your pre-drywall inspection. Having a second pair of eyes on your home ensures that nothing is overlooked. If you can, try to schedule the inspection before your pre-drywall meeting with your builder so that any issues the inspector finds can be fixed. 

The best companies for a pre-drywall inspection

Ready to inspect the structural soundness of your home before moving to the next step of building your home? Check out these top five home inspection companies that conduct pre-drywall inspections: 
  • National Property Inspections
    (BBB rating A+): This national home inspection company is available across 42 states and uses the latest technology and methods to thoroughly inspect your home. 
  • Amerispec Inspection Services
    (BBB rating A+): Amerispec provides detailed inspection reports with over 400 different points of inspection conducted by certified professionals. They even provide long-term care checklists so you don’t forget about upkeep tasks! 
  • HouseMaster
    (BBB rating A+): HouseMaster is a national home inspection franchise that’s famous for its express inspection reports. They’re the best company to go with for a thorough yet speedy inspection. 
  • US Inspect
    : In the case that you’re selling your newly constructed home, US Inspect is the way to go. This company provides specialized pre-listing inspection services for sellers. 
  • Brickkicker
    (BBB rating A+): Brickkicker prides itself in phenomenal customer service and thorough certification and training. All inspectors have to attend their BrickKicker University to ensure each inspector’s skills are up to snuff. 

How to save on homeowners insurance

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