Palm Beach County Property Tax

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With an average tax rate of 1.02%, Palm Beach County residents pay an average of $2,679 a year in property taxes
As a homeowner, you will be required to pay a percentage of your home's value in property taxes each year. Precisely what that percentage is will vary, depending on the location and value of your house. It will also change from one year to the next. This can make it hard to predict your total property tax obligation.    
To make things simpler for you, insurance super app Jerry has compiled this quick guide to help you navigate the uncertain waters of property taxes in Palm Beach County, Florida, by detailing how and when to pay them and what your taxes go to.  
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Property tax 101

Before we dive into the specifics of Palm Beach taxes, there are some basic property tax concepts that you should be aware of. Here’s what you’ll need to know:  
  • Property taxes are used by your local government to fund important public works and community services
  • Property taxes are charged for any real property (houses, buildings, land, etc.) that you own.
  • A local tax assessor will evaluate your home, the current market values, and the local tax rates to determine your property taxes. 
  • Property taxes are based on current market conditions and local government budgets, so they will often change. 
In short, property taxes are how your local government pays for essential community infrastructure, maintenance, and improvement. By collecting taxes from property owners, the government ensures that all residents with a vested financial interest in the community contribute to its upkeep. 

What is the property tax rate in Palm Beach County?

Palm Beach County’s average tax rate is 1.02% of assessed home values—just below the national average of 1.1% and slightly higher than the Florida statewide average of 0.97%. At 1.02%, Palm Beach County homeowners will be responsible for paying an average of $2,679 in property taxes each year. 

How Palm Beach County property taxes are determined

Palm Beach County property taxes are calculated using your home’s assessed value, taxable value, local millage rate, ad valorem taxes, and non-ad valorem taxes. The calculation is a bit involved, but basically, this is how it works:
The local tax assessor, known as the Palm Beach County Property Appraiser, will determine your home’s assessed value
Your assessed value, minus any exemptions, is equal to your taxable value.
The millage rate for your area is set by the taxing authorities that have jurisdiction there. 
The taxable value multiplied by the millage rate is equal to your ad valorem taxes. 
Non-ad valorem taxes, such as waste management fees, are added to the ad valorem taxes to calculate the total amount of your annual property tax obligation

What do Palm Beach County property taxes pay for? 

Palm Beach County uses revenue from property taxes to pay for a wide variety of projects and services, including (but not limited to):
  • Tourist development
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Public transportation
  • Municipal services
  • Libraries and museums
  • Community and social development
  • Housing and economic development 
  • Environmental protection
  • Fire and disaster response/rescue
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Roads and highways
  • Street drainage/sewage 
  • Public education
  • Public health and safety
For a complete and detailed list of all Palm Beach County spending, refer to the Palm Beach County Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, which is available to the public.

How to pay property taxes in Palm Beach County 

Palm Beach County property taxes are levied annually and can be paid any time between November 1st and March 31st. By paying early, you can take advantage of several discounts
How you want to pay your Palm Beach County property taxes is up to you. You can pay online, by mail, or in person
  • Online: You can pay online using an e-check or credit/debit card.  
  • By mail: You can pay by mail using a check made payable to Tax Collector, Palm Beach County and sent to: Constitutional Tax Collector, Serving Palm Beach County, P.O. Box 3353 West Palm Beach, FL 33402-3353.  
  • In-person: You can pay in person at one of the Palm Beach Tax Collector service centers

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Palm Beach County property taxes are due any time between November 1st and March 31st and are considered delinquent on April 1st.
Your property tax statement will be mailed to you in advance of the payment due date. If you lost or never received your tax statement, you can search for a digital copy online.
No, property taxes are not unusually high in Palm Beach County. In fact, the Palm Beach average property tax cost is $2,679 which is well below the national average.

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