Montgomery County, TX Property Tax

The Montgomery County property tax rate in Texas is 1.99%, almost a whole percentage point higher than the national average of 1.1%.
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With average tax rates at 1.99%, property owners in Montgomery County, Texas, pay an average of $3,123 in property taxes every year.
The amount of property tax you have to pay is based on your home’s value and the property tax rates in the jurisdictions where you live. If you’re a new homeowner and you’ve never paid property taxes before, figuring out what they’re all about can feel complicated. 
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has created this guide to property taxes in Montgomery County,
. Here you’ll find out what property taxes are, how to pay them, and what your money is used for.
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Property tax 101

Property taxes are complicated. Here are some basic definitions to make them easier:
  • Property taxes are assigned by local governments below the state level, like counties, cities, and school districts
  • They pay for public services like education, emergency services, and infrastructure
  • They apply to real property, like land, houses, and buildings
  • Tax amounts are assigned by local tax assessors using the market value of your home and the local tax rate
  • Property tax amounts change often based on market conditions and local government budgets
  • Property taxes collected from a community are used by their local government
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What is the property tax rate in Montgomery County?

In Montgomery County, Texas, the property tax rate is 1.99% of the home’s assessed value. For an average home in the area, that’s about $3,123. This percentage is above the state average of 1.81% and even higher above the national average of 1.1%. 

How Montgomery County property taxes are determined

Every property in Montgomery County is taxed by the county and a school district. Your property may also be subject to local property taxes from other taxing units, like cities or other special districts.
Every year, each taxing unit comes up with a budget and then determines what its property tax rate needs to be to fund that budget. Your property tax amount will be the value of your property multiplied by the tax unit’s tax rate.
How is your property’s value determined? It’s not the same as (and is typically lower than) the value from an appraisal done during the home purchase process. A local tax assessor will use a percentage of your home’s fair market value to determine your home’s value for tax purposes.
If you receive your bill and you think the value is incorrect, you can protest the amount online using Montgomery County’s online protest portal using
these instructions
For more info on how property taxes are determined in Montgomery County, check out the
Montgomery County Central Appraisal District website

What do Montgomery County property taxes pay for? 

Montgomery County, Texas uses property taxes to fund the following public services: 
  • K-12 schools
  • Public health
  • Libraries
  • County and district courts
  • Law enforcement and detention facilities
  • Emergency services
  • Public administration
  • Roads
To see the real-life budget of Montgomery County, including the collected taxes and what they were used for, check out the county’s
Budget Highlights page
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How to pay property taxes in Montgomery County 

Property tax bills are mailed during October in Montgomery County—but if you’re paying a mortgage, you probably won’t see it. Montgomery County requires that all mortgage lenders request tax bills annually, and the amount is usually rolled into your monthly mortgage payment. Contact your lender to be sure.
If you don’t want your mortgage lender to receive your bill, you can request it directly from the county. You will usually receive your bill before November 1st, and you’ll have until January 31st to postmark your payment. 
If you don’t pay your property taxes on time, they will start accruing interest, so always try to keep them up to date!
Some property tax exemptions in Texas will lower your bill and also grant you more time to pay. If you’re over 65 or eligible for the Disabled Person Exemption or the Disabled Veteran Exemption, you can pay property taxes in four quarterly installments without a penalty. If you qualify, you have until March 1st after receiving your bill to set up your payment plan.
If you need to pay taxes in Montgomery County, you have a couple of options. You can pay:
  • In person at any Montgomery County tax office using cash, check, money order, or debit/credit card (debit and credit card payments require a small fee).

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Montgomery County property taxes are due on January 31st unless you qualify for certain exemptions.
Property tax statements are mailed out during October before your due date in January—but in Montgomery County, your mortgage lender may receive it on your behalf.
Property taxes in Montgomery County average around $3,123 or 1.99% a year. Percentage-wise, this is higher than both the state and national averages.
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