Montgomery County, Tennessee, Property Tax

The Montgomery County property tax rate is 0.86%, which is higher than the state average of 0.68%.
Written by Jim Alexander
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Citizens of Montgomery County,
, have an average property tax rate of 0.86%— higher than the state average of 0.68%—which means that the typical homeowner in the county will pay around $1,118 a year in property taxes.
Your tax rates may change depending on where you live in the county. Your school district, town lines, and the size of your property can all affect how much you owe each year.
It’s hard to figure out how property tax rates are determined, why they change from year-to-year, and what that ultimately means for you. Here to help is home and
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. Here are the ins and outs of property taxes in Montgomery County.

Property tax 101

Every state and local government has an annual budget that outlines the cost of the public services it provides to the community: these include schools, road maintenance, and fire departments, to name a few.
To pay for this budget, the government places taxes upon certain items, services, and other activities. One of the most common types of tax is your property taxes, or taxes placed upon homes, buildings, and land
If you are a home or landowner, you’ll likely have to pay annual property taxes to your local government in addition to state and federal income tax and sales tax.
Here’s how the taxation process works:
  • The government sets its annual budget for the year and decides how much of the budget will be covered by property taxes.
  • A local tax assessor assigns rates based on several factors, including the market value of the homes and land in the area, to help set a property tax rate.
  • This tax rate is reviewed each year as the market and budgetary needs of the community change.
  • The local tax office sends you a tax bill each year that outlines the property taxes you must pay.

What is the property tax rate in Montgomery County?

The average property tax rate across Montgomery County is 0.86% of the assessed value of your home. This means that the typical homeowner in the county pays around $1,118 a year in property taxes. 
As compared with the Tennessee average of 0.68%, residents of this county pay more than the rest of the state.
If you want to see your tax rate, Montgomery County has a
tax map
that you can use. You can look up your rate by inputting your street address or your parcel number, which is the unique tax number assigned to each property (this number should also be on your tax bill). 

How Montgomery County property taxes are determined

Montgomery County is divided into various taxing districts based on things like your school district, town or city lines, and certain special districts.
Once you find out your tax rate as set by the local government and county auditor, your property tax rate is calculated by multiplying the fair market value of your property by the property tax rate.
If you think that the value of your property is assessed for more than it's worth—and thus you’re overpaying for your taxes—you are allowed to file an appeal within 30 days.
There are also discounts available to certain residents of the county. For example, property owners over the age of 65 may be exempt from paying state property taxes. 
Another popular discount is the Homestead Exemption, which is for homeowners who have a single-family residence on 160 acres or less and occupy the home as their primary residence. 
Visit your local county office to apply for a Homestead Exemption and to find out what specific discounts may be available for you.

What do Montgomery County property taxes pay for? 

Property taxes help the state and local governments pay for a variety of public services. These include:
  • Schools and education programs
  • Police departments
  • Fire and ambulance services
  • Road repairs
  • Water and sewage
  • Public health department
  • Building safety
If you’re curious to know more about how property taxes in Montgomery County work, check out this website by the
County Trustee
for more info.

How to pay property taxes in Montgomery County 

Montgomery County property taxes come due once a year on the first Monday of October and become delinquent if not paid by the last day of February the following year.
Tax statements are mailed to each homeowner as a courtesy, but you must pay your tax bill regardless of whether you receive your tax in the mail.
Luckily, residents have several ways to take care of their tax bills, including:
  • In-person: You may visit the County Trustee and pay with cash, check, or money order. The address for the office is Veterans Plaza, 350 Pageant Lane, Suite 101-B, Clarksville, TN 37040.
  • By mail: You may pay by check and send your payment in the mail. The check should be made out to Montgomery County Trustee and must include a stamped, self-addressed return envelope so they may send you a receipt. The mailing address is Montgomery County Trustee, 350 Pageant Lane, Suite 101-B, Clarksville, TN 37040.
  • Online: You may pay with a debit card, credit card, or eCheck through the county payment portal
    located here
    . You will need to create an account before making payment. Note that debit and credit card transactions may incur a fee.
  • Through your mortgage: Montgomery County will send tax information to your mortgage lender if you choose to include your property taxes in your mortgage payment. Check with your lender to see if you’re eligible for an
    escrow account
    through which to pay your taxes.
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Montgomery County property taxes may be paid starting the first Monday of October and no later than the last day of February the following year.
The Trustee’s office sends a tax bill in the mail as a courtesy, but you are still required to pay your property tax bill even if you do not receive the bill. You can access your tax statement online as well.
Property taxes in Montgomery County average 0.86% of the assessed value of a home, which is above the Tennessee state average.
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