How To Get Rid of Squirrels

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To get rid of squirrels or deter them from ravaging your garden or attic, use ultrasound frequencies, decoy predators, or squirrel-repellent scents like coffee grounds and mint. 
Squirrels are a common (and cute!) neighborhood resident. While you may love seeing your local squirrel population bustle about, they can become quite the nuisance if they get into your garden or attic. 
However, you can’t just eliminate squirrels from your home by any means necessary—many local fish and wildlife departments have strict regulations for getting rid of squirrels ethically.
That said, you have several options for deterring these fluffy little rodents. Here to give you expert squirrel-repellent tips to keep your yard and home intact is Jerry, the super app for finding home insurance quotes. We’ll cover why squirrels are attracted to your space and how you can get rid of them without hurting them.
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What attracts squirrels to your home?

As is the case with most pests, squirrels hang around your home in search of food. The source could be the fruits of your garden, the bark on your trees, the wood in your home, or the ever-enticing bird feeders on your property. 
Most of the time, squirrels are harmless and simply seeking their next snack. But if those bushy-tailed scavengers are getting a little too comfortable around your home and starting to damage your property, try these strategies to get rid of them. 

How to get rid of squirrels 

There are several ways to rid your home and yard of squirrels, including smells, sound, water, pets, decoy predators, baffles, and mesh screens
Keep in mind that you likely won’t find immediate success. You’ll need to use these tricks for a while before those pesky squirrels will start avoiding your space for good.

Squirrel-repellent smells 

Squirrel noses are much more sensitive than our noses and enable them to locate food, friends, and foes from afar. While this is usually an advantage, bad smells are more deterring to them than a less-sensitive creature. 
Here are some scents that squirrels don’t like:
  • Coffee grounds 
  • Peppermint
  • Vinegar, garlic, and onion 
  • Chili 
  • Pepper
  • Daffodils
  • Hyacinths
  • Lily of the valley 
  • Predator urine 
That last one may seem more labor-intensive than you’re willing to go—so instead, head to your local garden store, home center, or online shop to find what you need! Spray the store-bought predator urine or vinegar mix or sprinkle the coffee grounds, chili, or pepper around any problem areas that squirrels frequent. 
If you’re dealing with a garden invasion, it’s a good idea to plant mint, daffodils, hyacinths, and lilies of the valley around the border of your garden. This will keep them at bay (and away from your prized veggies). 

Squirrel-repellent sounds

Squirrels are very skittish. All it really takes to spook a squirrel is the sound of your front door opening, but that won’t be enough to keep them away permanently.
Like their noses, squirrels’ ears are highly attuned and can hear sounds at very high frequencies. Here is where the advantage lies! Ultrasound can be used to ward off squirrels without bothering your ears. 
Consider a sonic squirrel repellent to fend them off—but pet owners should keep in mind that the sound may also irritate your pet

Squirrel-repellent squirt guns 

Like many animals, getting sprayed with water makes squirrels want to high-tail it the other way. Let’s face it, though, sitting out in the yard with a Super Soaker 3000 and waiting for a squirrel to pass by is not the most practical approach. 
Instead of the water gun, consider motion-sensor sprinklers. Set them at squirrel-level and sit back as the intruders learn their lesson.
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Your pets or decoy predators 

Squirrels understandably avoid spaces where their predators hunt, so they’ll keep away if they notice a predator’s presence. 
Most dogs and many cats love to chase after squirrels—and while the squirrels can usually escape by scrambling up a tree, they won’t want to keep coming around if they notice your pet regularly. 
If you don’t have a pet (or your pet isn’t the outdoor type), you can purchase decoy predators instead. Grab a fake owl or fox and set it up in plain view. Be sure to rotate the decoy every now and then to keep the squirrels on their toes! 

Choose a squirrel-proof bird feeder

Watching squirrels fumbling around other people’s bird feeders can be hilarious—but it’s not so fun when they’re trying to feast on your property.
Make sure you select a squirrel-proof bird feeder. Try a caged-in feeder or grease up the feeder pole with petroleum jelly so the squirrel can’t climb up. You can also employ baffles—plastic or metal collars designed to prevent a squirrel’s foothold—where the squirrels seem to climb the most. 
Even with their most heroic efforts, the small animals will likely be bested by these barriers. 

Inspect your home and any potential passages 

Squirrels in the garden are one thing, but squirrels in the attic can cause massive damage to any exposed wooden structure or electrical wires
If the squirrels are scratching and chewing their way through your attic, you’ll need to search inside and out to find the passageway they’re using for entrance. 
Once you’ve located the weak point, install a strong fine-mesh screen or metal plate to cover the hole and keep the bushy-tailed burglars out. 
It’s also a good idea to note any overhanging branches or climbing plants that allow the squirrels access to your home. You can reposition the plants to make it a tougher climb, cut the tree branches down, or use baffles on the branches to prevent squirrels from getting the proper footing. 

Find hassle-free homeowners insurance 

If you find your attic or your roof has been scratched at and chewed on by squirrel invaders, you won’t be able to rely on your homeowners insurance for the repairs—but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to find the best policy for your needs.
Luckily, finding a great home insurance policy is much quicker and easier than fending off problem squirrels when you use Jerry
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Some natural squirrel repellents include strong scents like mint, coffee grounds, chili, and hyacinths; predator urine or fake predators; and spraying water.
This depends on where you live. Check with your local fish and game department for their regulations on traps and rodenticides, both of which tend to be heavily regulated.

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