How Many Dogs Can You Have in South Dakota?

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South Dakota law places no limits on how many dogs a person can own. But don’t head to the pet store just yet—municipalities and local governments have specific rules around pet ownership you’ll need to follow.
Whether you’re a devoted dog owner or a first-time parent to a new pup, you’ll want to brush up on the regulations in your state regarding dog ownership, dangerous dogs, and leash laws. 
To give you a breakdown of the most important laws regulating your furry friends, Jerry, the super app for car and home insurance, has compiled this guide to legal dog ownership in South Dakota.
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Does South Dakota have laws limiting how many dogs you can own?

While there are no statewide laws limiting how many dogs a person can own in South Dakota, each municipality and local government has its own set of rules regarding dog ownership.
Sioux Falls city ordinance limits homes to four pets, whereas Huron requires any person with four or more dogs to obtain a kennel license issued by the City of Finance Office. 
Sturgis residents, on the other hand, are required to obtain an Excess Animal Permit if they have 7 or more domestic animals living at one location for longer than 18-weeks. In addition, the owner must be approved by a Sturgis Animal Control Officer following an on-site inspection. Finally, a $10 permit fee will be due to the Animal Shelter upon the issuance of the permit. 
To learn more about dog ownership laws in your municipality, inquire with your local government. 

Are there any dog breeds outlawed in South Dakota?

South Dakota does not outlaw any specific dog breeds. According to the South Dakota legislature, no local government can enact, maintain, or enforce any ordinance, policy, or resolution to prohibit a specific dog breed. 
However, the state does have regulations around “vicious dogs”. Under South Dakota Title 40, a vicious dog is any dog that:
  • When unprovoked, attacks, bites, inflicts injury, or assaults a human being on the streets, sidewalks, or any public space, or;
  • When unprovoked, attacks, bites, or inflicts injury on a mailman, meter reader, serviceman, journeyman, delivery man, or other employed people who are on private property with permission of the owner or occupant of the property 

What are the leash laws in South Dakota?

Similar to the state’s dog ownership laws, leash laws in South Dakota are regulated by each municipality. 
In Aberdeen, if your four-legged companion is free to run wild beyond the boundaries of your property or in any area controlled by the city, your dog will be deemed running at large
In addition, your dog must be restrained by a non-retractable leash no greater than six feet in length or a retractable leash no longer than sixteen feet in length, unless in a city-designated off-leash park or private property.
Likewise, Spearfish ordinances state that no animal can be off the owner’s premises unless restrained by a leash and accompanied by the owner or owner’s immediate family. In Huron, any animal found “at large”, or not under the control of the owner, may be impounded.

Penalties for breaking dog laws in South Dakota

When it comes to dog ownership laws in South Dakota, you could face some serious legal penalties if you fail to follow them, particularly in the form of hefty fines.
Penalties in this midwestern state revolve around ‘public nuisances’, under which vicious dogs and dogs at large may be designated. Any person directly impacted by the vicious dog can file a civil action to have the owner abate, or stop, the nuisance

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