Hillsborough County Florida Property Tax

Hillsborough County, FL has a property tax rate of 1.09%, which is almost equal to the national average of 1.1%.
Written by Jessie Devine
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The property tax rate in Hillsborough County, Florida is 1.09%, which translates to $2,168 per year for the average homeowner.
Local governments use property taxes to pay for public services. The amount you’ll pay is determined by your home’s assessed value and the property tax rates where you live. In Hillsborough County, Florida, that rate is right on par with the US national average.
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Property tax 101

To get you started, here are a few property tax concepts you should understand:
  • Property taxes are assessed by local governments
  • They’re used to fund public services in your community like education and emergency services
  • Property taxes apply to real property like land and houses
  • Tax assessors use the value of your home and the local tax rate to assign your tax amount
  • Property taxes change because they’re tied to government budgets and the housing market
Read through those until you feel confident, and then we’ll move on to property taxes in Hillsborough,

What is the property tax rate in Hillsborough County?

At 1.09%, Hillsborough County’s property tax rate is higher than Florida’s 0.97% average. This means owners of a moderately priced home in Hillsborough County will pay around $2,168 in property taxes each year.

How Hillsborough County property taxes are determined

Local governments—counties included—create budgets each year to support their communities. They then use property taxes from those communities to fund the budgets.
In Hillsborough County, Florida, the Property Appraiser determines the taxable value of real estate. After that, they compare the local government’s budget to the collective value of the real estate in the area to figure out what the tax rate should be.
Property taxes aren’t just collected by counties. Other local governments—like cities and school districts—assess property taxes too. That means you probably live in more than one taxing jurisdiction, and you’ll be taxed in each one.
How is your property’s value determined? Your home’s assessed value for taxes is different than the value an appraiser will give you during a home purchase (called the market value). Your home’s market value is multiplied by a percentage called an assessment rate, which results in a lower value for tax purposes.
It seems weird to think of a lower home value as a good thing, but since property taxes are a percentage of your home’s assessed value, a lower number means you’ll pay less!

What do Hillsborough County property taxes pay for? 

Property taxes in Hillsborough County, Florida are used to fund:
  • Public schools
  • Libraries
  • Parks and road maintenance
  • Fire and water districts
  • Emergency services

How to pay property taxes in Hillsborough County 

Property taxes in Hillsborough County become payable on November 1st, and you can get a discount if you pay them early.
There are four discount periods: 4% discount if taxes are paid in November, 3% if paid in December, 2% if paid in January, and 1% if paid in February. Taxes are due in full by March 31st and become delinquent on April 1st.
If you can’t pay your property taxes in full, there are installment plans and property tax exemptions for those who meet the requirements. For more info, check out the
Hillsborough County Tax Collector website
If you’re a property owner in Hillsborough County, you have several payment options. Those are:
  • In escrow through your mortgage lender—contact your bank for information
  • By dropbox at any Hillsborough County tax office location.
  • By mail by writing a check or money order to Nancy C. Millan, Hillsborough County Tax Collector and mailing it to: Nancy C. Millan, Tax Collector, P.O. Box 30012, Tampa, Florida 33630-3012
  • By wire transfer by emailing the completed
    Wire Transfer Form
    to fundtransfer@hillstax.org or by faxing it to (813) 635-5218.
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Property taxes in Hillsborough County, FL are due by March 31st.
In Hillsborough County, you can print a copy of your tax notice
property tax search website
or visit one of the tax offices.
Property taxes in Hillsborough County are higher than the Florida state average at 1.09%. This means average homeowners will pay around $2,168 annually.
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