Duval County Property Tax

In Duval County, Florida, the average property tax rate is about 0.85%, making for an average payment of $1,500.
Written by Melanie Krieps Mergen
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In Duval County,
, property owners pay an average tax rate of 0.85%, which comes out to an average payment of $1,500.
When it comes to homeownership, paying annual property taxes is a given. But since they can vary so much from year to year, it can be hard to understand what you owe on your property taxes and why. 
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is here to cover the basics of property taxes where you live. Read on to learn more about annual property taxes in Duval County, Florida, including how to pay them and when, what they support, and more.
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Property tax 101

The premise of property taxes can be a little perplexing if you’ve never dealt with them before. In a nutshell, here’s what you should know about them:
  • Local governments assign and collect property taxes to pay for essential community services and projects
  • A local tax assessor will calculate your property tax payment based on your home’s market value and the established local tax rate
  • Property taxes fluctuate from year to year due to varying market conditions and tax rate decisions made by local governments

What is the property tax rate in Duval County?

Duval County’s
average tax rate is 0.85% of a home’s assessed value, which is less than Florida’s state average rate of 0.97%. The average Duval County property taxpayer makes a payment of about $1,500.

How Duval County property taxes are determined

Properties in Duval County are appraised beginning January 1. The appraisal takes real estate transactions over the last year and comparable area home values into consideration when calculating the market value of your home. In other words, the market value is what a typical buyer would pay for your home. The assessed value is then taken from the market value based on established rates and limits.
In August, a notice of proposed property taxes is mailed out to property owners. It’s essentially an estimate of your property taxes based on the proposed property tax rate, your property’s assessed value, and any applicable exemptions.
Property lies within the districts of multiple taxing authorities, like school districts, cities, and counties. The proposed property taxes will outline your property’s taxable values based on the proposed rates of those taxing districts in which you live. Taxing authorities have to hold public hearings before rates are approved, however—information about when and where those hearings will be held are listed on the notice.
You can view the county’s list of taxing districts as well as current and past property tax rates on the
county website
If you disagree with your home’s assessed value, you have 25 days from mailing the proposed property tax notice to appeal. Property owners are first asked to contact the property appraiser’s office for an informal review. If you’re not satisfied with the resolution, you can file a petition with the Duval County
Value Adjustment Board

What do Duval County property taxes pay for? 

Here are just some of the services that property taxes from Duval County support:
  • Public libraries
  • K-12 and community education 
  • Water management
  • Inland navigation
  • Transportation 
  • Roads, highways
  • Law enforcement
  • First responders
  • Public health
  • Building safety

How to pay property taxes in Duval County 

Duval County property taxes are due in full by March 31 each year, but you also have the option to set up quarterly payments, and you can get discounts for paying early.
Here’s what those discounts look like:
  • Paid in November: 4%
  • Paid in December: 3%
  • Paid in January: 2%
  • Paid in February: 1%
There are several ways you can go about paying your real estate taxes in Duval County, Florida. They include:
  • Online: You can pay your property taxes online via e-check at
    . You can also pay with a credit card, although a 2.5% or $2 minimum fee applies.
  • By mail: Checks can be made payable to the Duval County Tax Collector and mailed to 231 E. Forsyth St., Jacksonville, FL 32202.
  • In person: Property tax payments can be dropped off at any Duval County Tax Collector Branch Office. You can view the nine locations on the
    tax collector’s page
    of the county website.
  • Through your mortgage: If your property taxes are paid on your behalf via your mortgage’s escrow account, your mortgage lender is required to collect your property tax bill from the Duval County tax collector. When tax bills are mailed out in November, you should receive a “Do Not Pay Notice” for informational purposes. You can check with your lender and the county tax collector to verify this is properly set up. If you receive a tax bill that doesn’t read “Do Not Pay—Informational Notice Only,” you should contact your lender as soon as possible. 
To check the status of your property tax payment, you can visit the
Duval County Property Tax Search
page, where you can also print a payment receipt.

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Duval County property taxes are due in full by March 31 each year.
Duval County property tax bills are mailed on or about November 1 by the tax collector.
Duval County residents make an average payment of about $1,500 in property taxes. That’s an average rate of about 0.85%, which is a little less than Florida’s state average of 0.97%.
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