Who Buys Your Teen Car Insurance if You Are Divorced?

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The parent with primary custody is typically responsible for purchasing insurance for a teen driver—but this isn’t a hard and fast rule.
When a child of divorced parents reaches driving age, their parents will need to decide how to go about purchasing car insurance. Car insurance broker app Jerry has compiled everything you need to know to help you through this tricky time.
Of course, insuring teen drivers can be pricey. Let Jerry help by comparison shopping over 40 insurers to find you the best rates. Simply answer a few questions and let Jerry take care of the rest.
Here’s what you need to know about who is responsible for paying the car insurance premium for a teenage child after a divorce.
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The basics of auto insurance

Insurance usually follows the vehicle, not the driver. This means that if your teen driver is using a car only rarely—maybe once a month or so—they are likely already covered by your policy.
If your teen driver will regularly be using a vehicle, they will need to be on the policy for that vehicle.
Do both parents need the teen on their respective insurance policies? Not necessarily. Often, the parent with primary custody will purchase insurance for the teen driver—but this is merely because the teen is more likely to be regularly driving that vehicle.
Key Takeaway Insurance usually follows the car, which means your teen may already be covered if they drive your car only occasionally.

Custody and car insurance

A teen driver should be included on the policy of the parent they spend the most time driving with.
If your teen will be splitting their living and driving time equally between two households, then both parents should have the teen on their auto insurance policies.
If your teen driver will be doing the majority of their driving at one household (and with one vehicle), then that parent should have the driver on their policy.
You and your ex-spouse will need to discuss who will insure your teen driver—whether it be one or both of you. This can be done in a divorce settlement, which may be a good option if you want a legal agreement on splitting the cost of insuring your young driver.
Young drivers are notoriously more expensive to insure. When it comes time to purchase car insurance for your teen, Jerry helps you find the best deals on car insurance to help you save.
Key Takeaway The parent who spends the most time driving with the teen should include them on the insurance policy.

Who is responsible for making sure the teen driver has car insurance coverage?

Both parents are responsible for ensuring that their teen driver is properly insured. If you think only your ex-spouse should insure your teen driver, you must ensure that your ex-spouse does so.
You can always talk with a seasoned insurance agent from your insurance provider to verify you are getting the proper coverage for your teen. Depending on the circumstances, you may also need to talk with a lawyer or other legal representative to come to an insurance agreement for your teen driver.
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How to insure your teenage driver

If you’re a divorced parent purchasing insurance for your new teenage driver, figuring out the best (and most affordable) insurance for your teen can be overwhelming. Comparison shopping will net you the best rates—and Jerry can help make the process as pain-free and relaxing as possible.
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Frequently asked questions

Do I need to get new insurance if I get divorced?

Yes. Once divorced, you will no longer be able to be on the same insurance policy as your ex-spouse.
Purchasing a new insurance policy shouldn’t be stressful. Jerry makes the switch to new insurance easier than picking out new furniture. It’s like having your own personal shopper for the best (and cheapest) insurance policies.

Does car insurance cost more if you are divorced?

Unfortunately, yes. Most car insurance companies offer lower rates for married drivers than they do for single, widowed, or divorced drivers.
There are a variety of reasons for this—some studies have shown married drivers to be safer drivers. And married people are more likely to own homes and purchase life insurance, making them valuable customers to car insurance companies that are also looking to sell home and life insurance policies.
Still, marital status is only a minor factor in a company’s calculation for your insurance rates, so it isn’t necessarily something to be too concerned about.
Whether married or unmarried, Jerry will help you find the cheapest car insurance policies in the least amount of time. Signing up takes less than 45 seconds!

Do divorced parents have to split car insurance?

Not necessarily. Deciding how to split the cost of car insurance for your teen should be decided in a divorce settlement. Though there are no hard and fast rules for deciding which parent pays for a teen’s car insurance, both parents are responsible for making sure their teen is insured.
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