How to Replace a Lost West Virginia Driver’s License

For a modest fee, you can request a new West Virginia license in person at the nearest DMV office or online if you’re eligible. Click here to learn more!
Written by Cameron Thiessen
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
To replace a lost West Virginia driver’s license, you’ll probably have to go to the nearest DMV office or exam center. If you’re out of state, you must contact the DMV by calling (304) 558-3900 OR (800) 642-9066 or via email at
. You may also be eligible to request a replacement online.
Losing your driver’s license is never a fun experience. After all, driving without a license can get you in a lot of trouble, like getting fined, points on your record, or car insurance premium hikes.
If your West Virginia license has been lost or stolen, there’s no need to worry!
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How to replace a lost driver’s license in West Virginia

Maybe your wallet got stolen, or you left it in the Uber after a long night and can’t figure out how to get it back. Yikes! It’s important to file for a replacement right away because driving without a license can mean serious legal trouble. Luckily, the process is not very complicated. 
In West Virginia, you are required to go into a
DMV regional office or exam center
to request a replacement unless you are eligible to obtain your license online. You can
check your eligibility using the WV DMV website
Check the DMV’s
info page
for a detailed list of the documents you may need to replace your license. In general, you can expect to need: 
  • Proof of identity (e.g., a birth certificate or passport)
  • Social Security documents (if you need a license “For Federal Use”)
  • Proof of address (e.g., a mortgage statement, utility bill, or car insurance bill; bring two if you have recently changed your address)
You can fill out all the necessary paperwork and pay your replacement fee at the DMV or online if you’re eligible. You’ll still need to wait a few weeks to receive your license in the mail, but you’ll be issued a temporary document to continue to drive legally. 

What if you lose your West Virginia license out of state?

If you’ve lost your West Virginia license while working or studying out of state, replacing it may be a bit more difficult—but it’s still not impossible. 
First, start by
checking your eligibility to request your duplicate license online
. This may save you a call to the DMV.
If you’re unable to request your license online, reach out to the WV DMV by phone at (304) 558-3900 OR (800) 642-9066 or via email at
to request a temporary permit. This permit, which should last 90 days, can cover you until you can get to a physical WV DMV office.

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