These Are the Secret Honda CR-V Key Fob Tricks You Need to Know

Your Honda CR-V key fob can do more than just lock and unlock the car—it can start your car remotely, roll down your windows, and more!
Written by Mary Alice Morris
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Mar 23, 2023
Your Honda CR-V key fob can do a lot more than you think. You can use it to put down all your windows, and you can find a secret little metal key inside the key fob that’s capable of doing some tricks of its own! 
There is so much to keep up with on emerging vehicle technology that it can be easy to forget or miss all the little hacks that make your driving life easier. The hidden features of your Honda CR-V’s key fob make up just a small corner of today’s vehicle technology hacks, but if you master them, they can deliver some serious convenience.  
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How to find the hidden key in your Honda CR-V key fob

If you’ve ever been locked out of a car, even if it was before you owned a car with a key fob, then you understand the anxiety over a key fob malfunctioning, leaving you stranded outside your vehicle. Your Honda CR-V key fob battery could go dead, or the thing might just stop working. Without a regular car key, what do you do? 
The answer is easy once you know your key fob hacks—you just take the little metal key out from the inside of your key fob. Yes, most key fobs have an actual, old-school metal key hidden inside. You can use it to unlock your car door!
Most key fobs have a tiny button on the back side of the fob that you can press to release the metal key. Once you’ve retrieved the key, slide it into the key slot on the driver-side door and you’re in!

How to start a Honda CR-V when your key fob battery is dead

Now that you’re in the car, you’ve realized your push-button ignition won’t start if your Honda CR-V key fob battery is dead. But don’t worry—there’s a hack for that!
Your key fob has an ignition chip that works even when the battery is dead! All you need to do is push the key fob into your ignition’s start button. Your car should start like normal. 
Next, we’d recommend heading to the store for a Honda CR-V key fob replacement battery. 

Other Honda CR-V key fob tricks

If you’re new to using your CR-V key fob, let’s start with the basic functions, like locking, unlocking, and remote start. 
  • To lock your Honda CR-V, simply press the lock button once. 
  • To unlock your car, press the unlock button once. 
  • To
    open your trunk
    , press the trunk latch button on your key fob once. 
  • To remote-start your Honda CR-V, press the lock button twice and then hold down the remote start button for a few seconds. The remote start button looks like a circular arrow. 
Once you’ve got the basics down, you’re ready to move on to some more advanced Honda CR-V key fob hacks. Try these tricks:
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How to lower and raise all your Honda CR-V’s windows from outside

If it’s a hot day out and you want to ventilate your car a little before you get into it, you can lower your windows from afar with your key fob! All you need to do is hit the unlock button, and then immediately press it again and hold it down for a moment. All of your windows should roll down. 

How to close your windows and sunroof with the key fob

If you decide to close your windows without getting into the car, you can do this easily by removing the metal key from inside the key fob. Insert it into the key slot on the driver’s door and turn to lock the vehicle once. Then turn it to the lock position again, holding it until all the windows have rolled up. 

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