Hyundai Elantra Gas Tank Size

The Hyundai Elentra’s gas tank size has varied from 11 to 14.5 gallons over the years. Here are the details!
Written by Mary Alice Morris
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
Updated on Dec 09, 2022
If you own a Hyundai Elantra and you want to know how big your car’s gas tank is, the capacity varies depending on the model year and trim level. However, it should be somewhere between 11 and 14.5 gallons. 
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How big is the gas tank on a Hyundai Elantra?

Your Elantra’s gas tank size depends on the model year and
trim level
that you own. Here’s a breakdown of sizes across the model’s history:
  • 2022: All models have a 14-gallon gas tank except the Blue Hybrid DCT, Base N Manual, and Base N DCT, which all have a 12.4-gallon tank, and the Limited H DCT which has an 11-gallon tank.
  • 2021: Similar to the prior model year, all trims have a 14-gallon tank except the Blue DCT with 12.4 gallons and the
    with 11 gallons
  • 2018–2020: All models have a 14-gallon tank
  • 2017: All models have a 14-gallon tank except the GT Hatchback models, which have a 13.2-gallon tank.
  • 2016: All models have a 12.8-gallon tank except the GT Hatchback’s 13.2-gallon tank.
  • 2015: Limited and
    trims have a 12.8-gallon tank, and the
    and Hatchback trims have a 13.2-gallon tank.
  • 2014: All models have a 13.2-gallon tank except the Limited and SE trims, which both have a 12.8-gallon tank. 
  • 2013: All models have a 13.2-gallon tank except the
    and Limited, which both have a 12.8-gallon tank, and the GT Hatchback, which has a 14-gallon tank. 
  • 2011–2012: The GLS and Limited trims have a 12.8-gallon tank, while the Touring models have a 14-gallon tank. 
  • 2007–2010: All models have a 14-gallon tank.
  • 1996–2006: All models have a 14.5-gallon tank. 
  • 1992–1995: All models have a 13.7-gallon tank.

How to check your Hyundai Elentra’s gas tank size

To check the gas tank size for yourself, you can try one of these methods.

Measure the gas tank

Get under the car and measure the gas tank’s height, width, and length in inches! Multiply those figures together and divide the total by 231. That should tell you how many gallons it holds.

Check your owner’s manual

You’ll find your specific vehicle’s gas tank size in the specifications listed in your owner’s manual.

Drive till empty, then fill it up

It’s a little old-school, but driving your car until the fuel indicator is on the E line and then filling up the tank is an easy way to see approximately how many gallons it holds. 

How to save on fuel costs in a Hyundai Elantra

Although the Hyundai Elantra is fairly fuel efficient, it’s a good idea to take some easy steps to keep it that way. Try these tips:
  • Take care of maintenance needs. Keeping a
    regular maintenance schedule
    for your car prolongs its life, and it also keeps your vehicle running at peak efficiency.
  • Drive a little slower. Staying at or below the speed limit is a great way to reduce fuel consumption.
  • Don’t idle. Shut your car off when it’s parked. Leaving a parked car running does nothing but waste gas.

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