How to Replace a Lost Minnesota Driver’s License

You can replace your Minnesota driver’s license at any Driver’s License Office location for a $17 fee.
Written by Shannon Fitzgerald
Reviewed by Jessica Barrett
You can replace your Minnesota driver’s license at any Driver’s License Office location for a $17 fee. While you can fill out a pre-application online to streamline the process, you will need to go in person with proof of identity to complete the duplicate license application.
It’s certainly nerve-wracking when you reach into your wallet and realize your license isn’t there. If it’s lost for good, your driving privileges are temporarily on hold—after all, trying to drive without one can result in serious fines, points on your record, and a jump in insurance costs. 
But whether you misplaced your Minnesota license or you believe it was stolen, all is not lost! Getting a replacement, or duplicate, license is a very straightforward process—and
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How to replace a lost driver’s license in Minnesota

It’s important to apply for a replacement license as soon as you notice it’s gone—it’s illegal to drive without a license, so you’ll want to get the process started in order to hit the road again. 
Luckily, the Minnesota Department of Public Safety (DPS) and Driver Vehicle Services (DVS) makes it pretty easy.  

Reporting a stolen Minnesota license 

If your license was stolen, the Minnesota DPS recommends that you first file a police report as a protection against identity theft. 
They additionally recommend that you request DVS to flag your driving record as a secondary means of alerting police that someone else might be using your identity. You can do this by filling out and notarizing
form PS31300
, then filing it at your local DVS office. You may also submit the form by mail by sending it to the included address. 

Replacing a lost Minnesota license 

While you can begin a
for a duplicate license online, you can only complete the process in Minnesota in person at your
nearest DVS office
Fortunately, DVS will use the driver’s license photo on file to verify your identity when you arrive. If they are unable to verify your identity this way—usually because you’ve had a name change since the last license application—you will need to bring the
standard identification documents
for a first-time license application.
This generally includes: 
  • One primary document with your full name and date of birth (eg, birth certificate or passport) 
  • One secondary document with your full name (eg. school ID, employee ID, Social Security card, etc.)
After DVS has fully processed your application, you will pay a $17 duplicate license fee. Though it can take up to six weeks for your official duplicate license to arrive in the mail, you will be issued a temporary license to use in the meantime. 
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What if you lose your Minnesota license out of state?

If you happen to lose your
Minnesota driver's license
out of state, the license replacement process can be done by mail instead. 
You must first request an out-of-state replacement packet from DVS either by phone at (651) 297-3298 or by emailing
. Be sure to include your full name, date of birth, and your mailing address in your request. 
When you receive the packet, follow the instructions to complete the forms and be sure to answer all the questions. You will then need to: 
  • Sign and notarize the application (hold onto the yellow copy for your files) 
  • Enclose a $17 duplicate license fee via check or money order 
Once DVS has received your application, they will use the photo and signature on file to verify your identity. You can expect to receive your new license in the mail within six weeks. If you wish to expedite the process, you can do so for an additional $20 charge—your new license will usually arrive within two weeks in this case. 

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