Is there an Audi remote start app?

Audi vehicles don’t come with a remote start app, but it is possible to add one after you have purchased it.
Written by James Ellaby
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
Unfortunately, there is no standard remote start application for Audi vehicles that allows you to start your engine without being behind the wheel.
However, it is possible to add one later on if you want that functionality, with a variety of options available that are compatible with Audi cars.
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Why don’t Audi cars have remote start apps?

The ability to remotely start your car has been around since 2002, when GM introduced the feaure to the market. The appeal is that you can start your car running before you get in, which helps to warm it up both in terms of the engine and general comfort levels on cold wintery mornings.
This saves you from having to sit in the car while it warms up, and also means you won’t need to run the risk of driving off before the windshield has fully cleared. But there are also risks and downsides to remote start systems.
For one thing, it can waste fuel (and therefore money) if you leave it running for too long, as well as increasing carbon emissions unnecessarily. This is why it’s illegal in Germany to start a car without anyone sitting in the driver’s seat. And that’s why Audi cars—which come from Germany—don’t have remote start apps.

What can you do with the myAudi app?

Audi vehicles are luxury cars, so they generaly come with most of the latest tech that you could want—including the myAudi app. So while it can’t remotely start your car, it can still do a lot.
myAudi offers you the ability to lock and unlock your car, find it on a map, and access real-time information about your car. This means letting you check that your doors and windows are closed, for example, or alerting you if someone seems to be trying to break into your car. 
You can also keep an eye on your fuel and oil levels if you have a gas-powered car, and check your range before a journey if you have an electric car. It can also manage your route planner to incorporate charging stations.
And, while you can’t start the car remotely, you CAN start the climate control without being in the car. So those frosty mornings don’t need to feel quite so frosty.

How to connect to myAudi

It’s easy to connect to myAudi. From your car, all you need to do is log in using your myAudi account details and then add the 10-digit number on your key tag, or scan your QR code if you have one. This will start the set-up. Different Audi models have different specific instructions for how to connect,
check yours here

Is myAudi free?

The myAudi app is free to download from the app store of your choice, but some of its features are associated with different levels of the Audi Connect service. 
The Vehicle Status Report, Car Finder, and Remote Lock/Unlock features are part of the Connect CARE level, which is included with your purchase. But for additional real-time information about traffic and parking and entertainment options like Amazon Alexa, you need Connect PRIME, which also comes with Basic Wi-Fi. This costs $365 a year.
For all of this plus a full Wi-Fi service that turns your Audi into a hotspot, you need to subscribe to Connect PLUS, which costs $499 a year.

Is it possible to remote start an Audi?

We’ve given you the bad news that Audi doesn’t provide its cars with an inbuilt remote start functionality—but that’s not the end of the story. It is possible to have it added on as an aftermarket upgrade through an Audi dealership or independent automotive accessory company.
Adding remote start can cost between $400-$500, including installation—which can take as little as 30 minutes. The myAudi app can even be integrated to control remote starts, despite it not being part of the inbuilt functionality. 
As with any major alternation or upgrade to your car, you should always check that any work done will not invalidate any warranty you have from the dealership before getting it done.
But if you want to add remote start functionality to your Audi, the option is definitely there for you, even if it’s not one the German manufacturer can offer upfront.

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