What is a car door mirror replacement?

In this service, a mechanic will remove the inside panel of your car door to access the control connections to your mirrors. Your mechanic will also remove the damaged side-view mirror mounting.
A new mirror housing and mounting will be installed on your car door, and your mechanic will also connect the wiring for your component controls.
While this service can be simple and only take an hour, if you have side-view mirrors with extra components like a turn signal, heated element, or other features, this service may take longer and cost more.

How to replace your car door mirror

Your mechanic will usually complete the following steps to replace your car door mirror:
  • Remove the interior door panel
  • Carefully separate the electrical wires from the broken mirror
  • Remove the old mirrors mounting and housing
  • Replace the new mirror housing and mounts
  • Rewire the electrical components
  • Color match and buff paint scratched during the collision
Some cars with extra car door mirror components (like heating elements or turn signals) may cost more and take longer to install.

Do I need to replace my car door mirror?

Car door mirrors stick out from the sides of your car and are easily broken. If you were in a collision (with another car or the frame of your garage door) and your mirror is munched, it’s time for a replacement.

How important is a car door mirror replacement?

Because many states require functional mirrors, you should schedule service as soon as possible to avoid a citation.

Tips for replacing your car door mirror

Don’t cut the wire if your mirror is dangling by a wire! Just duct tape the mirror to your car body until you get it repaired.
Replacing your car door mirrors is usually an easy service. Here are some tips to help you with the replacement:
  • Buy a mirror that matches the color of your vehicle
  • Remove the inner door panel—keep your screws and fasteners
  • If the mirror impact left scratches on your paint, invest in a color-match buff and scratch kit
  • If you aren’t comfortable with doing the work yourself, hire a mechanic
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