All About the Jeep Grand Cherokee ECO Mode

With the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s ECO mode, you can save a little on gas in the long run while doing your bit to help the environment.
Written by Thidas Senanayaka
Reviewed by Bellina Gaskey
The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s ECO mode can improve its fuel economy during normal driving conditions. 
As far as midsize SUVs go, the Jeep Grand Cherokee does not disappoint, with impressive tow ratings and impressive off-road ability. ECO mode, which doesn’t make an appearance in the 2022 model but does in older versions, is a good way for you to improve on the Grand Cherokee’s fuel efficiency so you can save on costs as well. 
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What is Jeep’s ECO mode?

Many modern vehicles come with the option to switch between different driving modes—these basically control your engine, transmission, and other components to suit your preferred driving style. Jeep comes with a Fuel Economy or ECO mode. 
As the name suggests, the idea is to improve the vehicle’s overall fuel economy during normal driving conditions. When the ECO mode is engaged, the vehicle control systems will change:
  • The transmission will upshift quicker and downshift later
  • The overall driving performance will be limited—for example, you won’t be able to accelerate as much
  • If the Grand Cherokee is equipped with Quadra-Lift air suspension, it will operate in “Aero” mode over a broader speed range
Sometimes, your vehicle may be used in rather difficult situations (such as a road in bad condition or going up a steep hill). In these times, the system will limit ECO mode functions so that the Grand Cherokee can perform its task. This may happen in situations like low coolant temperature or driving uphill.
Key Takeaway The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s ECO mode adjusts components like the transmission and engine to improve your fuel economy.

Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s ECO mode save fuel?

Generally, maximized fuel efficiency does mean you’ll drive more miles per gallon, meaning you’ll go longer between refueling. So
driving on eco mode does save fuel
in theory. 
That being said, a lot of the savings will depend on your driving habits and the road conditions where you travel. For example, if you do a lot of off-roading, chances are ECO mode won’t be able to help you much in that department.

Does the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s ECO mode charge the battery?

ECO mode on the Grand Cherokee will not charge its battery since it doesn’t have one. For the 4XE hybrid Cherokee, the car’s regenerative braking system sends energy back to the battery to recharge it. 

What’s the difference between the Grand Cherokee’s Comfort and ECO mode?

Comfort mode is the name that most car manufacturers give to the default, most balanced driving mode. It is a healthy middle ground between ECO mode, which emphasizes fuel efficiency, and SPORT mode, which leans towards performance. 
The Grand Cherokee does not have a separate Comfort mode. If you choose not to use ECO mode, you can take advantage of the Grand Cherokee’s performance without the limitations that maximized fuel economy requires.

How to turn the Grand Cherokee’s ECO mode on and off

Switching on ECO mode in the Grand Cherokee is very straightforward. If you look at the center stack of your instrument panel, there will be a button with the word “ECO” on it. Just press this button, and if it lights up, ECO mode will be turned on. 
To turn it off, just push the button again. Remember, ECO mode may limit itself without you turning it off if your car has some difficult tasks to execute. 

Is the Grand Cherokee’s ECO mode worth it?

Put simply, if you want speed and performance, ECO mode is not for you. Using it presents a trade-off: fuel efficiency and cost savings in exchange for top performance. 
You’ll be better served using the Grand Cherokee without turning on the ECO mode. Trying to off-road, or achieve high speeds on the highway will feel difficult and throttled in ECO mode, ruining your driving experience.
If that doesn’t bother you, and you’d rather cover more miles per gallon while saving a little on the way, ECO mode is definitely worth it. It is a useful tool that can help make up for some annoying driving habits that cost fuel needlessly, like unnecessary acceleration. 
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