Does USAA Offer Rideshare Insurance?

USAA offers rideshare gap protection coverage that protects you in the “unmatched” time before you pick up a passenger or delivery.
Written by Jason Tushinski
Reviewed by Kathleen Flear
USAA offers rideshare gap protection coverage for drivers who work for rideshare apps like Uber or Lyft. This covers you during the time driving to or waiting to pick up a passenger or delivery or waiting for a request when the app is turned on. Rideshare gap protection coverage is offered as an add-on to your personal
car insurance
  • Neither a standard USAA car insurance policy nor Uber or Lyft’s commercial coverage will cover you during the time you have no passengers or deliveries while your app is on without rideshare gap protection coverage.
  • USAA’s rideshare gap protection coverage is not the same as full rideshare coverage, but it's still a worthwhile policy addition.
  • Compare rideshare coverage options from Uber or Lyft and other car insurance providers to determine what type of policy is best for you.

Does USAA have rideshare insurance? 

USAA offers rideshare gap protection coverage, which covers you during your “unmatched” time with neither passengers nor deliveries in your vehicle. This coverage is offered in all states except Hawaii, North Carolina, Michigan, Montana, New Mexico, New York, South Carolina, and Virginia.
USAA does not offer
rideshare insurance
, which covers you during your “matched” time—i.e. once you have either a rideshare passenger or a delivery in your vehicle. The ridesharing app you work for should offer this coverage for the time you have passengers or deliveries in your vehicle, but you won’t get it from USAA.

What to do if you have USAA car insurance and drive for a rideshare company 

A standard car insurance policy from USAA will not cover you while your rideshare app is turned on or after you’ve picked up a passenger or a delivery. That means you won’t be able to
file a claim
if you’re involved in a collision while driving for a rideshare app, and your USAA policy could be canceled if you try. 
Both Uber and Lyft’s auto insurance policies provide up to $1 million in
bodily injury
property damage liability coverage
during your rides. Both also offer comprehensive and collision coverage for drivers who carry
full-coverage insurance
on their personal policies but remember that these coverages will only apply when you have a passenger or delivery in the car.
USAA’s rideshare gap protection coverage is still a worthwhile policy addition to protect you during your unmatched time while driving for a rideshare app. Relying on your rideshare app’s coverage alone will leave you uninsured during the time the app is on and you don’t have passengers or deliveries—which could account for a significant amount of your working day.
Driving without car insurance
carries major personal and financial risks, including significant out-of-pocket costs, policy cancellation, and higher premiums down the road.
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What is the best rideshare insurance company?

USAA isn't the only carrier offering a variation of rideshare coverage. The following insurance companies currently offer competitive rideshare insurance for Uber and Lyft drivers:
Rideshare coverage is offered as an endorsement or add-on to your personal car insurance policy from these providers. This endorsement extends your own personal auto insurance policy’s
liability coverage
while the rideshare app is on, but you are “unmatched” (without a passenger or delivery order). Once you are matched with a customer, the rideshare company’s liability coverage kicks in. There are usually options for both
collision coverage
as well. The extra cost to add this to your policy ranges from $20 to as much as $300 annually.
The best way to find the right rideshare coverage for you is to compare your options. Look at between three and five insurers and talk to agents to see what their rideshare coverage offers and how it may affect your rates.
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Yes. Even if you’re worried that your premium might go up, not telling your insurance provider that you’re driving for a rideshare app could bring much more severe consequences than a slightly higher rate.
Driving for a rideshare app puts you at risk of being involved in an accident even more so than when you’re on the road as a normal driver. And driving for a rideshare app without all the necessary coverage—like USAA’s rideshare gap protection coverage—could leave you driving uninsured at times. Your insurer needs to be involved before you start your new job.
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