State Farm
car insurance policies typically renew automatically—all you need to do is make a payment to renew your coverage. However, comparison shopping can help you find a lower rate before you commit to your State Farm renewal premium.

How State Farm car insurance renewals work 

Like most
auto insurance
policies, your State Farm coverage will automatically renew when it reaches its expiration date. Here’s how the
car insurance renewal
process typically works: 
  • You’ll receive a renewal notice: Your State Farm renewal notice will typically arrive by mail or email approximately 30 days before your official renewal date. If you have the State Farm mobile app, you may receive a renewal notification, as well. Regardless, your renewal notice will include your new policy rate, the expiry date for your old policy, and possibly an updated insurance ID card. 
  • You can accept your new rate, but it might be higher: State Farm is among several other insurance providers that have increased rates year-by-year since 2021.1 You may notice a rate increase of up to 13.9% when your policy renews, and you can choose to accept it by making the first payment for your policy term.
  • Or, you can shop around for a better offer: If your renewal premium seems too high, you can shop around for a policy with a better rate. If you find a lower offer, you can set up your new insurance policy and cancel your existing State Farm coverage before it renews. 
Your insurance rate may increase when your policy renews due to recent accidents, insurance claims, lost discounts, new drivers or vehicles on your policy, or moving violations on your driving record. In recent years, inflation has driven the insurance industry to raise rates, which is the leading cause of generally higher insurance premiums.

What to do when you receive your State Farm renewal notice

Your State Farm renewal notice will typically arrive by mail or email approximately one month before the policy term ends. It will include your official renewal date, instructions on how to activate your policy for the upcoming term, and the following details and documents: 
  • Your renewal rate
  • The declarations page for your upcoming policy term
  • Updated insurance cards
Pro Tip: Review your coverage levels and current policy discounts when your renewal notice arrives. You may decide to alter your coverage, and it’s wise to contact your State Farm insurance agent to ask about new discounts that could bring your renewal rate down.

Option 1: Accept your new rate and make a payment to renew your policy

If you decide to go with your State Farm renewal rate, you can start your new insurance term by making a payment. State Farm offers a few ways to make renewal payments: 
  • Online: You can log into your State Farm online account or use your phone number, policy number, payment plan or account number, or key code with your birthday to make a one-time payment. State Farm accepts credit card and debit card payments.
  • Phone: Your renewal notice will include a key code to pay your insurance bill by calling 800-440-0998. You can use a credit card or your bank account details.
  • In person: You can visit your State Farm agent in person to pay using a credit card, check, or money order made payable to State Farm.
  • By mail: Your renewal notice may include a return envelope for your payment. Using the envelope, you can send a check or money order to State Farm Insurance Companies, Insurance Support Center - East, P.O. Box 588002, North Metro, GA 30029.
If you have auto-pay set up, your State Farm insurance policy will likely automatically renew without any action on your end. The first bill for your new policy term will be paid via the payment method that you currently use for auto-pay.
Pro Tip: Reach out to your State Farm insurance agent to verify that your automatic payment method will work for your upcoming renewal bill.

Option 2: Shop around and compare quotes to find a lower rate

If your State Farm rate seems too high, you can shop around to find a lower rate. Comparing
auto insurance quotes
from three to five different providers can help you find the most affordable auto insurance premium from a reputable insurance company. 
app screenshot
app is a great resource for comparing car insurance rates.
You can build a profile, select your coverage, and view personalized quotes from multiple providers.
Once you find a rate that works for you, Jerry will set up your policy and may be able to help you
cancel your State Farm insurance

If you missed your State Farm renewal date: Review your rate and shop around

If your policy renewed with auto-pay: If you missed your State Farm renewal date and your policy renewed at a higher rate with auto-pay, it’s not too late to shop around and find a better offer. You can cancel your State Farm policy at any time and switch to a new provider for a lower rate—just keep in mind that you may face a cancellation fee or administrative fees depending on your state.  
If you missed your renewal payment deadline: If you missed your State Farm renewal date and did not make a payment to renew your policy or set up a new insurance plan before your coverage expired, your insurance has lapsed and you are uninsured. In some cases, you may be able to call State Farm to reinstate your coverage.
If your coverage lapses: State Farm will contact the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to notify them of your uninsured driver status, which could result in a driver’s license suspension or fines. And if you get into an accident without coverage, you could face high out-of-pocket costs for medical bills or property damage.  
You may be able to reinstate your policy: State Farm typically offers grace periods for late payments, but when it comes to missed renewals, you’ll need to request a policy reinstatement. Contact your State Farm insurance agent to go over your options. 

If State Farm won’t renew your policy

State Farm can choose to not renew your policy. Common reasons for non-renewal include: 
  • You filed too many claims
  • You had accidents over the past three years, including at-fault accidents
  • State Farm is no longer selling your policy type
  • State Farm is no longer offering policies in your area
  • You have a history of late or missed payments
State Farm will inform you of their decision to cancel your coverage in advance so that you will have time to find a new car insurance policy before your policy expiration date. It may be a good idea to seek quotes from an insurance provider that specializes in
insurance for high-risk drivers


Does State Farm car insurance automatically renew?

Yes, State Farm car insurance typically renews automatically. You will receive a renewal notice in the mail or by email approximately one month before your renewal date. To renew your policy, you simply need to make a payment.

How can I pay for my State Farm policy renewal?

You can pay for your State Farm policy renewal online, by phone, in person, or by mail. Refer to the section of this article titled “Option 1: Accept your new rate and make a payment to renew your policy” for more details. 

Can I switch to a different provider before my State Farm car insurance renews?

Yes. Your renewal period is a great time to shop around for quotes and switch to a different provider for a lower rate. It’s best to find a new policy before your renewal date, but you can switch to a different provider at a later date and cancel your State Farm policy even if it renews. 

Why did my State Farm car insurance go up at renewal?

Car insurance rates are increasing across the insurance market due to inflation. In 2023, State Farm raised rates by approximately 13.9% for policyholders throughout the country, and if you have recent accidents, claims, or moving violations on your driving record, your rates could increase more. 
Insurance rates also change if you move to a new address, add a driver or vehicle to your policy, or lose your discount eligibility.

How can I get a lower rate when my State Farm insurance renews?

If you want to remain insured by State Farm but pay a cheaper rate, you can review your coverage levels to remove unneeded insurance coverage or reduce your policy limits. You can also increase your deductibles, improve your credit score, or seek car insurance discounts to lower your rate. For example, State Farm’s Drive Safe & Save program offers a discount of up to 30% for safe drivers and you can earn a discount for bundling your homeowners insurance and auto insurance.
Finally, shopping around for insurance quotes from different providers can help you find a more affordable rate. You can easily switch providers if you find a cheaper offer and decline your State Farm policy renewal.

Will I get a refund if I cancel my State Farm car insurance before my renewal?

If you paid your insurance premium in full for your policy term but canceled before your renewal date, you will likely receive a
car insurance refund
for your unused premiums, minus any fees. If you pay a monthly bill for your insurance, it’s unlikely that you’ll be eligible for any refund. 

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